Saturday, February 23, 2008

When 'the News' Isn't

When they call their broadcast "The Late News", they aren't kidding.

A new report lists three counties -- one in Oklahoma and two in Arkansas -- as high-intensity drug trafficking areas, officials said.

LeFlore County, Okla., has been on this federal list before, but Benton and Washington counties are new additions. And law enforcement in the latter two counties lobbied to get on it.

The classification will give the counties more money to fight drugs. Funding could pay for things like X-ray and testing equipment, officials said. It will also give officers access to a national database, making it easier to keep track of drug traffickers.

Whut?!! Funding will give access to a national database? Why, is there a subscription to it, or yearly dues? Neither would surprise me.

The news of a "new report" reassures that the government is sure on top of things.
For many years, the eastern Oklahoma county mentioned above has been nicknamed "LEAF LORE" county, whose county seat is "POT"eau. Poteau is a nice town, a growing town in fact, but a great many folk there do love thier marijuana.

The local terrain is ideal for growing weed in Leaf Lore county- indeed, all of southeastern, and mountainous Oklahoma. Ample rainfall; sunny, warm days ¾ of the year, and for the most part, inaccessible by law enforcement, in their vehicles other than helicopters. And the county mounties don't have helicopters...

Combining the known facts regarding this area, high unemployment rate; low tax base; a very rural area; and a favorable, long growing season,

then Viola!,
A federal report is produced.

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The Localmalcontent said...

Adding to my post, I wanted to say this, also:

Myself, I do NOT use marijuana. But I don't have any problem with those people who do smoke it.

And I do not encourage, endorse smoking weed, or usage of any kind of far more dangerous and addictive drugs.

But I do support legalization, in the very identical way that alcohol is legal and sanctioned, and regulated.

And still I am a conservative, just a pragmatic conservative.