Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Which Candidate Is Disliked Least?

Isn't this just disgusting?

Thinking that conservatives must now look to counting unfavorable poll numbers, to find some highlighted encouragement in this years' Presidential election.

In that golf-leaderboard type comparison, Republican George W. "John" McCain leads all nominees, with only a 42% Un-Favorable-ness-itis-inity.

Whoo-who. Yippee. I'm so excited.

Next is Mr. Barry Obama, with 46% Unfavorablinityosis;

And then, least likable Mrs. Clinton, naturally. With as much popularity as a rip-saw-vasectomy, Mrs. 'Screech' carries a negative response from 53% of the repulsed population. She must be carrying the bloody, sado-masochism vote...

The above numbers are from the current Daily Rasmussen Reports.

With all that said, I must say that so far in this presidential election cycle, I'm pleased.
Pleased with low negatives..
..negatives felt for Senator John "Juan" McCain are less than I dared believe now--

Only about 4 out of 11 Republicans hate Senator McShamnesty... so far.

But hey, Isn't That a Win, A Victory In A Way?!

I follow a linear, visual method of thinking, and see that it is FIRST necessary to deal with, to first dispatch Mrs. Slick Clinton. She is the biggest danger now, in that she represents the most virulent of Liberals, the George Soros Socialists; therefore, she must be dispatched first and foremost.

Then, when she is finished finally and forever
(and after the big nation-wide stomp-dance),
then let's take care of Barry O.

One brick at a time, --

Taking down one Liberal talking point at a time...

In order to keep our beloved,
conservative American nation.

Let's first smash Hillary "Screech" Rodham Clitton--


Let's smash her first, then B. O. "Barry"

Barry Obama will be a cinch for Conservatives to defeat, if you think about it!
At the same time, our friends the very liberal Democrats will prove to be both divisive and alienated, no matter whom they nominate; after all they are the party of divisive politics, of categorizing voters into genders versus races versus ages politics; they will do the most to tear up their party, if we Republicans allow them, give them the time and of course, the rope to do so.

I don't underestimate the reasonable and mostly conservative minded people whom I know well--- from work, from church, in public and from the Internet.
The quiet multitudes of people, quiet and reserved, until its time for them to come out, to vote-

Therefore, I can't foresee the election of either Obama or Clitnon this November honestly. Similarly, I can see a majority of electors choosing McCain, or an alternative cons. candidate, if there is good news on either the HOME or War-On-Terrorism front; if bin Laden is captured,
OR if there is an al Qaeda terrorist attack on the USA successfully thwarted.
Any Event would nail the election.

Winning the election, by hoping for greater negatives on the opposing side?
The dilemma for us conservatives, is one of hoping that no terrorist attack happens before November, thereby proving America's strong conservative leadership: Or hoping that Liberals notice America's great military success in Iraq; Or depending upon Liberals believing that America has been safe for the past seven years as a result of George Bush's alert and diligent caution.
Or, we conservatives can hope for a big Ralph Nader or Michael Bloomberg vote, in a third party, dividing the overall democratic vote, not worrying about the rest.

What should one say? "I am one of 42%, and one of 46%, and one of 53% NOT in favor of any one of these three stooges?

How about this: I don't like a'one of any of em!!
Rather than compute those minute, mind-boggling diminutive numbers, I think I'll just have another Bud Light.

And THAT may be the general feeling by November, ya know? But no, let's all go and vote soberly and consciously... But afterwards.... ?

"Don't Worry, Be Happy!"


Abouna said...

Its that "But afterwards.... ?" that really worries me, because who ever gets elected we are still going to be over our heads in deep doo doo.

May God have mercy on us, because nobody else will.

Jungle Mom said...

I feel your pain!!