Saturday, February 9, 2008

Winner Takes All

Can this really be happening, here in America?
This Is Sad. The entire thing stinks of rancid politics run amuck.

Or of Dirty Poker.

Our presidential candidates all stink. Can a president be elected next November who does not have either a 50% dislike in Mrs. Clitnon Clinton, or the conservative bases' revulsion of Mr. McAmnesty McCain?

Either way, or even if Mr. Obama should be elected too-- our next President will not have the support of a very large part of the US population. This will be the most polarizing, most contentious election ever in our history. For in this particular bunch of candidates, it seems to me as if we are forcing ourselves to pick sides, in an ugly game of Red Rover Poker.

Bill Clinton makes reference to Obama's supporters to being only 'the Black vote', while Hillary admits to seeking out the female vote-- Lord, keep me from nausea.

Barack Obama has such a small legislative record, yet is charming in both visage and speech, he is likened to President Kennedy; so voters flock to him for what ?, but guilt over slavery and Kennedy's assassination?
John McCain presents his non-conservative credentials to us wrapped in his 5-year North Vietnamese-POW experience, and expecting the loyalty of the security-conscious Republican party.

And how the three major candidates play these poker hands, and raise the stakes!!

Femininism versus Racial-equality versus Age/Vietnam War Guilt.

Guilt Vs. Guilt Vs. Guilt
Which catagory do you feel the most pain and shame for? Theres your candidate, that's your vote this November. Pain and guilt will decide this hand of Political Poker.


Does Hillary, the Queen of Diamonds trump Barack, the King of Hearts in a gender-equal nomination? And which will battle John, the King of Clubs?

And just as in poker, that card's next highest contender makes a difference: Will the King of Clubs be paired with the Jack of Hearts, Mr. Huckabee? Will the King of Hearts choose an Ace, or the Queen of Diamonds? Or will the Queen use her influence, and the King of Diamonds' influence as well, in choosing a trumping card? Is there a high Spade still in play out there, to be drawn?? What card is up the sleeves of each player??

It is we, the American public, holding only a losing, stinking hand in any case.
An off-suit, eight-high.

Too bad we can't fold. But it's already too late for that.

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