Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Animals Among Us

Hat tip to all involved, in bringing this abomination, this shame/blame of university hijinks to light:
First to, Kamangir the Archer, my best Iranian friend:
Then to the Gateway Pundit; who leads eventually to THIS VULGAR OBSCENITY:

"White University Students Filmed

Black Workers Forced
to Eat Food, Urinated Upon"

Ultimately from: Too Much Coffee, who exposed this abuse first.
Click 'Coffees' link to see the whole disgusting video, if you must...
NOT Never on my bloggie here, though!

Do yourself a favor, OK, and click onto Coffee's link, read the story, but DO NOT click onto and watch this perverse video, made by equally evil, sadistic slimeballs. The South African government turns their gaze away, while promoting racial equality...

The video will show a leg-less Black woman and others, forced to eat a bowl of beans and meat, with maybe some onions, which has been peed on by male White students.

And you thought that Apartide was vanquished there?!!

The video ends with the words: "This is followed by one of the students asking a cleaner: 'What does ’sefebe’ mean in Afrikaans?"'

"A black whore," she replies.

That, at the end of the day, is what we (Whites) think of integration."

The expected denials of responsibility follow...

Do feel free to comment on the offensiveness of either the story or the video here; and of your disgust. Keeping in mind all the while, European Union leaders praise South Africa as a leader among so-called "Enlightened Countries".

I am sorry to bring you this in a way.


gregor said...

terrible. and sick.
hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, i'll be a frequent visitor here. i'm one eigth Blackfoot, on my father's side, wish i was more in touch with that.

The Localmalcontent said...

Agreed on both, Gregor.

You're welcome; I liked your blog alot. What drew me there was a Google Image search for a visual form of 'gasp'.
What made me stay was your thoughtful approach to issues you write about.

You come by as often as you wish, friend; I will likewise.

The Addict said...

Greetings all

To truly appreciate the devisions that still exist in South Africa you only need to read the comments posted on my blog under the video.

Thank you for the link and I shall take the trouble to explore your blog and the mind of the localmalcontent!

The Addict
Johannesburg, South Africa

The Localmalcontent said...

Thanks Addict! Please feel free to explore to your hearts content.

You didn't by chance bring some coffee with you? I'm out presently.

And I'll take the time to look over "Too Much Coffee" more, too.
I can appreciate that header!