Friday, March 21, 2008

"Don' Let Guilt Be Your Guide" (Please Read It All)

Senator Barry Huss Obama (say it real fast, it makes sense) did not, repeat DID NOT call all white people "racists" by nature.

Only the Typical White People.

"But she (Granny) is a typical white person who, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know, there's a reaction that's been bred into our experiences that don't go away, and that sometimes come out in the wrong way, and that's just the nature of race in our society." END ASSININE QUOTE.

What I heard were these Obama words:
1) His white grandma was overly concerned about '(black) strangers on the street', and
2) that his grandma was a "typical white person". And
3) that those typical white people "are bred to feel that fear".

I wonder what his Kansas grandma thought of her daughter and her Kenyan boyfriend, out in Hawai'i, in 1961?

Racist? Yeah, you bet. My racism, in writing these words? No- granny's covert racism.
And by Obama's linked up logic, all you typical white people.

Because according to Senator Obama's line of reasoning: Granny is typically white. Granny fears meeting (black) strangers on the street. Therefore, all typical white people fear meeting (black) strangers, on the street.

Is Obama correct, in his pronouncement? Or were his words simply a slip of his tongue? A thoughtless, feckless redefinition of his earlier reference to his granny in his race speech?
That, friends, is the very definition of "RACISM".... Defining a whole group of people by the observed actions of a few people. Every bit as racist, just as bigoted as if he'd said "The U.S of KKKA." himself.

Let me tell you something that I know well, from personal experience with 'racism':
That was NO 'slip of his tongue'... In trying to cleanse and justify his earlier speech's remarks concering his Granny, he made a classic Fruedian slip, and exposed his own racial hatred; perhaps borne from being a bi-racial child, perhaps from familial reaction... his racism came out.

(from the Local Blanketass Malcontent; the one whom you all seem to feel such a need to always say,
"Well, hey, I'm 1/x Indian, too." What the heck does that even mean??)

That's racism too.

What the Illinois junior Senator is trying to do, hoping to achieve, is a fear in typical white- bred, fear to challenge this man on his observations about the racial trouble here in our country.
He is hoping that Typical Whites will be hesitant to vote for anyone else but him, Barry Huss Obama, because of your fear, your in - bred white shame for slavery,

the guilt that you better feel or else--your racial guilt.

If you do this once, ya'll will be expected to do it all again (the first time is always the hardest!)

Then, when President Barry Huss Obama suggests that America should all feel sorry for Mexicans, for the El Salvadorians, for all the illegal immigrant Latinos y Latinas, y Latino Ninos todos, you typical white voters will not feel the same level of angst, nor as ill at ease as you all did the first time, in electing President Obama.

Then, it becomes even easier, to accept the idea of slavery repairations. Monies doled out to the descendants of southern slaves, in useless attempt to say 'We're Sorry'.

Then comes the good part--

Then it is ever so easy to accept the Islamist's demands upon our nation.

Good American citizens, of every colour: The creeping danger is here.
Don't let your guilt be your guide in November.


Jungle Mom said...

I love the "Barry Huss Obama".
I think Obama has as much racism as we 'typical white people' of whom he speaks. Not that one negates the inappropriateness of the other.

I have asked myself if I would vote for a conservative black man, and I could vote for several. I will not vote for a black man just because he is black.
I would love to be able to vote for Michale Steele for president!!! Not because he is black but because his principles line up with mine.

The Localmalcontent said...

Obama scares me to death, because of the inclination of many who will vote for him for President to assuage their souls, for any feeling of guilt for the sin of slavery.

Rita, of all my blogging friends, I anticipated your understanding of the situation the most.

Gracias, mi amiga buena!

Anonymous said...

I am almost to the point of no longer wanting to post about this admittedly well speaking, but entirely vapid ... void of any redeeming charactor traits ... (almost)human being. As a man shall be known by the company he keeps, and the content of his character, Obama falls far short by any sort of measurement.

Oh, and for those who might feel I (as an angry white (old fart) male, should have a tear in my eye, and check book at the ready because of my ancestors being responsible for slave trade in America. Bugger off! I am only second generation American, all my lines go back to countries which were until recently under the thumb of the USSR. And it is suspected (but not proved so far) there be a bit of the star of david in my blood. So go and try to get your reparations else where, this dog don't buy that game.

Now, that I am off the soap box, yeah, OHB getting into the Oval Office worries me too. Though I think there is a change in the air, his lead is shrinking (as is Her Thighness) and McCain seems to be gaining ground. (And if he keeps his pie hole shut, not saying anything stupid, he just might win.)

Guy S.