Friday, March 28, 2008

Either Way, Mom, “Ich bein ein Berliner”

Over at the verdant and vine covered Jungle Hut Blog, where golf is played on par-8 airplane runways, friend Rita offers up one of those way-too-popular, humorous quizzes;

hers there was "What Famous Politician Are You?"

My Jungle Mom is 'Bill Clinton',,, by way of said quiz. The very fact that Mom admits to this on her sweet blog is testament to her candid honesty, to her much loved, self effacing nature. How UNLIKE Billy Jeff. But missionary missus Rita is thankful for not being equated with Hillary.... We All Are Thankful for that, Mom.

I teased her about that, BEFORE I took the test myself- discovering that the famous politician I am most like is "John F. Kennedy", and that rumbling you noticed under your feet just afterward was not an earthquake, but me shuddering at the thought.

The quiz in question also offered another variation, thankfully:
The "What Famous Movie Are You?".

My satisfying results of which were:

Take the quiz for yourselves, and come back to tell me your results, OK?

(* and yes, I am a jelly doughnut, as well)


Jungle Mom said...

Well, thank you for those kind words. I did your little test...and now I am really worried about myself! I came out...The Godfather?!?!?!?!

The Localmalcontent said...

Oooh no!
Nobody could blame you if you took the rest of the day off, Rita!

But hummm, Bill Clinton as don Corleone? Yeah, that fits. too well that fits.

Jungle Mom said...

My husband says he is now afraid of me!

CGHill said...

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Was there really any doubt?

The Localmalcontent said...

Wow, Charles! way to go!

Both a Famous Politician AND a Famous Movie~!

Only you could pull that off.

Abouna said...

My results came up "Platoon". I'll post it to my Tuesday Blog.

The Localmalcontent said...

"Platoon"!! That is amazing to know.

I see you as Sgt. Grodin, Father. Very cool!