Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Glop - # 1

A 'Google Search' of the words "The History of Stew", produces just under 2 Trillion posts.

But I want to offer my history of "STEW" here to everyone, and also to Google search.

For the very best stews which I've ever eaten, are those which are like my own-
cooked over a weeks-long process, deducting from and then adding to the mix, as provisions and as grocerieis generate, contribute.

The legend of the "Stone Soup" has relevance here, to an extent--

Anyway, I began cooking the present stew that I'm enjoying today, about 17 days ago.

I think it began as (MY Award Winning, "TO-JUST-DIE-FOR) homemade Chicken'N'Dumplings", on a Thursday, two weeks ago. But every time the broiler pan gets low on its cooked stock, I will add more and different ingredients, really whatever I have on hand:

some smoked sausage links, quartered;
some tomatoes, some green peppers from whatever source;
Mushrooms, from whatever source;
about 1/2 pound hamburger along the way;
more Bisquick frozen sour-dough rolls, diced up as dumplins;
a week ago, I had added a can of yellow Hominy to the mix;
Black Olives, from that (BAD) attempt at a home-made pizza...;
it wasn't DiGiorno's. LOL
New red potatoes every other day, easily'
A chopped yellow onion or two along the way;
Pinto beans;
Shriveled up jalapeno peppers, that were hidden behind the crisper drawer;
Six ounces of Budweiser, but over a week ago easily;
And the remainder of the 1/3 bag of Frozen 'Stillwell' brand breaded Okra.
UUmm-Ummmm good, uuuummm tasty!!
Oh, wait-- there's some macaroni and shells and cheddar cheese sauce in there, too~

For dessert, I will share my recipe for Leaky-Radiator Green ice cream!!
"Glow-In-the-Dark GOOD!

D. Licious.


gregor said...

oh, man that reminds me of my endless one pot meal that was always on the stove when I was living in a walk-up flat over a junk store back in the early seventies! what ever I could rustle up went into it, especially leftovers I glommed from friends. Wish I was there to share it with you!

The Localmalcontent said...

Ohh, man! And here I'd thought I had discovered unique...

you called it 'endless one pot meal'? That was even the commercial name it was to be produced under.

Thank goodness no one else has reproduced my famous 'flat cakes' breakfast food, made on a griddle.
There's still hope for that one.

Jungle Mom said... that safe to eat?

The Localmalcontent said...

Ha ha, Rita... Just don't run out of Rolaids or AlkaSelzer beforehand.

No, honestly, it was good!