Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here's The Pitch-- Now the Wind-down

Alrighty, then...

Completely tired of, -- make that- Disgusted of Sports on Easter, so I return to the comfortable and reliably uncontroversial world of Internet blogging.

As for televised sports, both Oklahoma University (aptly known during spring, as "OhNo, You!") and Arkansas Univ. (known yr-round as "Bacon Univ.") lost big time to superior Louisville and to North Carolina teams.
I Can Sympathize!

Yahhey, in what can only be called a "Little Big Horn" re-enactment, my softball team lost, effectively massacred today: Final score, 27-18. In nine innings.
Today's unusually cool temperature greatly contributed to their team's win.

The partial box-score included:

"Malcontent, L, 3B, P": Four-point-two innings pitched, 16 Runs; just under 1,000 basehits allowed, 3 hit-by-pitch, five strikeouts, and all runs earned...
we don't make no stinkin' errors,,,

In my own defense, I did go 2 for 5 at the plate, with one homerun. (top that, Pujols!)
I got called in to pitch in our local (Octavia, Ok), annual, Choctaw softball/Easter game in the third inning, when Donald "Lionheart" Williamson became ill, and could not continue on the mound.
==That's what a big Easter meal BEFORE the annual game will do for ya==

I, your Local Valiantcontent came in from 3rd base and tried to stem the opposing team's hit parade, as well as the numerous time-outs to go find balls that they'd hit near,-or-into Little Eagle Creek.
When I came in to pitch, the Bad Guys led only 5-4.

I am real good at tossing beachballs to batters, I discovered.

Just between you, me and Jack Buck, I thought it was supposed to rain hard today,
or I never would have agreed to pitch. And then when the clouds parted,
giving way to blue skies, I mistook that as a sign to shine.

The Picnic we all had afterwards, a continuation of the Picnic during, and the Picnic before our game, was delicious, friendly, heartwarming and filled with laughter. This friendly, family Choctaw-Easter tradition has become well attended since it began, some twenty years ago or more. When I first came out here, I played at age17.
Today, newly promoted and Big friend, Asst. Chief Gary Batton showed up,
and could've pitched, if he had not been such a well-dressed coward. Ha ha...
Seemed like we had about 50 or 60 people today there.

Plenty of good-natured ribbing, teasing, much good fellowship... I only punched out Sammy McBride, and then only because he's my cousin from Broken Bow.
And because he's always been faster than me.
And he got 2 big RBI hits off me today... plus one of those hit-by-pitches. Halfbreed....