Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Heard It From A Little Birdie

My neighbors are back! I thought they had returned on either last Sunday or Monday morning- and Tuesday evening, I thought I saw the husband standing in the yard of another neighbor (a case of mistaken identity); tonight it was confirmed, though. My neighbors are back.

I really enjoy these two, and they both seem to tolerate me pretty well (you hear some bad rumors, after all)
But these two have a hidden love nest tucked away nearby here, and usually they reappear early in springtime.

Tonight I was sitting in the shady east side of the yard, enjoying the evening breeze, when the old fella just appeared out of nowhere and said hello again.

"Well, hello to you too. Good to see you back!" I told him, and I meant that. "Ya hungry?" I continued.

He nodded his head, and kind of looked at me sheepishly out one eye, with his head cocked-

"You betcha, buddy. I'll be right back." I got up out of my lawnchair and went inside to get him some bread crumbs and birdseed. Old birdseed at that- from last fall- from just before he and his mate took off to their winter home. I got out that plastic Sonic drive-in tray, that my friends enjoy so much, spread out the dinner upon it, and returned outside.

My little Mockingbird friend was still swaying on that muscadine vine, where I'd left him. I sat the tray on the ground, essentially where he was hinting for me to, with his nodding- and I resat back down.

My friend finished a few crumbs and sunflower seeds and asked me "Well how was winter here?"

"It wasn't the same without you and the Missus," I replied. "Is your nest coming along?"

"Yep. Looking good, there are a few things left to fix it up just right, but we've got a couple of weeks or so. Do you still have that dog?" my feathered friend inquired.

"Amos? Yeah, he's somewhere, down the hill I think, digging a hole for me to step into and break my ankle."

My friend raised high his head in amusement, saying "Yeah. He keeps us all on our toes. Well, thanks for the snack, friend. About 5:30 or so, in the morning, as usual?"


With that he flew south, to their nest in some bushes behind the garage, assuring me that my wonderful morning concerts were to begin again very soon. I made a note to remember to buy fresh sunflower seeds tomorrow after work.


Abouna said...

A Mocking Bird? Boy are you lucky, all I get around my place all winter long are dang sea gulls and crows screaming at each other. It starts at 5:00 in the morning and lasts all day until sundown.

Then in the spring and summer it is the crows and Blue Jays screaming at each other. Damn can't they all just get along?

The Localmalcontent said...

Yes, lucky.

Put out some specialty seed, in a feeder first, if you have one, or can get one.
After you get a nice selection of song birds attracted to the feeder, put some seed on the ground, beneath it.
(Pet shops can advise on what types of bird seed/feed particular songbirds like)
But I think you are pretty lucky too, anyway.