Monday, March 10, 2008

Just Another Day in New York Politics

The hubris. That some elected officials think and act as though the rules, the laws do not apply to them.
The Governor's schedule for today was interrupted

by a mighty G-D, it seems:

This morning, NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer had been scheduled to speak to the Family Planning Advocates’ 31st Annual Conference. The abortion racketeers are seeking more money. And he was preparing to push legislators to do their bidding – before he was forced to cancel his appearance.

As payback to his abortion industry supporters, Spitzer had supported "the Reproductive Health & Privacy Protection Act (RHAPP)" under the guise of "codifying Roe v. Wade." It would:
* Allow non-doctors to perform abortions, including a dentist, a social worker, or a health care practitioner.
* Let girls as young as 12 obtain abortions throughout all 9 months of pregnancy without ever having to tell their parents.
* Force health practitioners or Catholic hospitals to lose their medical licenses if they don’t perform abortions since they would be denying women the "fundamental right" of an abortion.

A real piece of work, Spitzer. Not even an "I'm sorry" today at his news conference. Hurbris.

The immediate instinct is to rush out, citing a list of Democratic governors who think so little of their positions, that they believe they are exempt of the law- four come to my mind quickly- now six-but there will be time enough for that later. I want to see how fast
Senator Larry Craig's name comes out flying.

In the meanwhile, unplug all the fans.

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Abouna said...

As a citizen of New York State, I can honestly say that I am not the least surprised by the antics of Elliot Spitzasser. The man always gave me the jitters. He is an arrogant little twerp that tried to ride rough shot over our state legislature. He felt that he could do just what he wanted simply by signing executive orders. So far, he is still refusing to resign, but if he don't, the legislature may have him impeached.

I just hope he don't let the door hit him in the ass when it slams shut.