Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Lion Just a Tad Late~

"March like a lion, out like a lamb..." Or vice-versa.

Yesterday was just glorious here in Latimer County, Oklahoma; about 72°, light winds and sunny.

And now today, the bottom falls out of the forecast.

At this moment, there are two counties under a tornado warning; about 20 or so under a tornado watch, two or three under a flash flood watch; and here, of all things, a Winter Storm warning.
It's enough to make a grown meteorologist stay home under the covers!
Since most of them are already heavy drinkers.

Witness, Meteorologist and Living Legend Fred Norman:
(And this did not get Fred fired from Channel 5!!)

Tie down that lawn furniture and the snow shovels before the wind blows em all away.

70°, cloudy, very windy in downtown Yanush.

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Abouna said...

Well if ya gotta have bad weather barreling down on ya, ya might as well have a happy as hell meteorologist give ya the warning.

We are having an ice storm here (I came home from the hospital for this?) and all our weather men are so somber like they are reading an obituary. We get a real bad ice storm about once every 5 to 6 years. Granny got a nice glaze on her butt back in 1991, when we forgot about her and left her out on the front porch all night siting in her rocker. Course we didn't know about until 4 days latter when we found her in the middle of an intersection, directing traffic while still frozen to her rocker. Seems she had opened her umbrella (which she always carries) to keep the sleet from hitting her, but a gust of wind caught it and sent her sliding all over the city.

What any of this has to do with anything is beyond me, my brain is still foggy from the fever, but every day I'm getting better, I think.