Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Ernest Suggestion to Candidate McCain, in Order to Win This Fall:

Good friend Abouna Gregori poses the following serious question, from an earlier post:

"I don't want our lord and Saviour Obama sittin in the Oval Office. I don't want Hillary there either and McCain has already showed that he is a traitor to the American people when he voted with the majority of Senators (both Republican and Democrat) to give Social Security Benefits to illegal immigrants, even though most of them never paid a cent into it, starting this year.So my friend, what do we do?

What do we do?"

Beats me. The national main stream media has effectively whittled down the better, more conservative candidates from competition, with the lack of air time they could have used; I know people who supported no less than four different Republican candidates since last October. Some, like yours truly, donated what they could, to these men, now all for naught.

But with each passing week, the Republican candidate of the week were systematically run outta town on a rail, for some smallish flaw or two. Huckabee was an evangelical; Romney was too Mormon; Senator Thompson didn't jump and down enough; Rudy was a dud; Tancredo and Hunter, my candidates all along, were seen as one-hit wonders, only able to speak about the need for a border fence in our Southwest.

Ron Paul, just nevermind that: If we have learned anything this year,
it is that 'It can always get worse'.

And Worse, is where we are now.

Anything can, and is likely to, happen. Who would be at all stunned if Algore entered the race? Or Newt Gingrich? Or Michael Bloomberg?

[last night] I just got off the phone with a Republican-operative operator asking me to donate to the Republican House Reelection committee. Yeah, Rep. Tom Cole's crowd...

"Scott" asked me to listen to the message of Mr. Cole, R-Okla., who proceeded to say that "the Democrats are poised to take over the White House, the Senate and the House, without your help, Mr. Malcontent," and "WE Republicans are ready to see that doesn't happen." ! !

[Daffy Duck calling me would have had more impact, persuasion]
Incredulously, when "Scott" got back on the line, he asked me for a donation of $100-250.00 to help reelect Republicans. I reminded him that the trouble the Republican party is in now, began with their irresponsible spending over the last four years. That if Congressman Cole had performed his duty, reelection would not be the problem it is now. The word "Revolution" also was mentioned by me. With that, I wished him good luck and good night.

"I don't have a clue, Abouna..." I commented. Still don't.

I could stand a President Juan Pablo McCain, under specific circumstances: That he pledge to listen to his supporters, is the main thing. Act like a conservative, the second. Enlist a real conservative as VP maybe.

I saved this blogpost overnight, to sleep on it, to let it steep. And here is what would make me vote Republican this fall:

If Senator John McCain sought out and named former

Congressman J. C. Watts as his Vice Presidential nominee.

Heck no, NOT just because he is from Oklahoma; but because Mr. Watts is a proven leader, in both government and in business. And I have watched him successfully toss a football to receivers since 1977, first as a Eufaula Ironhead, then as an Oklahoma Sooner.

There are also many other credible positives to naming Mr. Watts to the national conservative ticket, as well. He is ever so likeable, so down to earth, a rock-ribbed Republican, and he has both executive experience, as well as Washington D. C. experience.

Of course, I refer to Mr. Watts' race. It is so unfortunate to have the presidential race boiling down to this, this most superficial of all differences, but 'there we are'.

Mr. Watts is an inspiration to every person, who reads his biography, or who knows of his skills as a politician, or as a businessman.

John McCain can only win, in this blogger's opinion, if he offers the Vice Presidential candidate Position to a high-profile, and very successful minority, someone exactly like J. C. Watts.

IF McCain taps Mr. Watts for his Vice Presidential nominee, then the Republicans cannot lose next November~!~!!

Look Up Watt's Very Conservative Record For Yourself!!


McGehee said...

I like J.C., just as I like a number of other possible contenders I've heard or read about over the last few weeks. So I'm using your nomination as an excuse to put out a call for more nominations and we'll see what we can agree on.

The Localmalcontent said...

That's great-- that's great!!

My gosh, we have to do something, other than sit up straight and swallow the best of the least of candidates.

That is all I ask, McGehee;
as I do trust in American values to succeed. Thanks, my Georgia bro~!

Abouna said...

I always liked J.C Watts and I could hold my nose and vote for McCain if he put Watts on the ticket. I could also go for Moral Conservative and Constitutional Scholar, Alan Keys as McCain's Vice president. Also Tancredo. But I have the feeling that McCain may pick a RINO like himself, because last night on the Fox News Channel, when he was asked what he was looking for in a running mate, he said that he wanted someone who held his views.