Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillary's Sinking Ship Tactics

The nationwide popularity of a 'one-note', empty suit Democratic candidate in this presidential election, has the Clinton campaign reverting back to their old, reliable bag of tricks. From her carpetbag of tricks.

What can Shrillary be thinking, when she sees Senator Zerobama receive so much adoration and uh, votes?

What can Shrillary say, when the final results of the Texas caucus gives Zerobama more delegates than the state did her? Does she realize somewhere in her psyche, that she only won the Texas primary because Lone Star Republicans crossed over to vote for her?

Since Super Tuesday, February 5, Mrs. Bill Clinton has only won two states, Ohio and Rhode Island.

Not Texas, as she proclaims. And Ohio Republicans likely padded her numbers there, as well...
What can her campaign do? Easy. Trot out Bill again, as well as other tired old Democratic reptiles like Geraldine Ferraro to remind the liberal voters about Mr. Zerobama's intrinsic negritude. I think Ferraro's comments are truly racist comments, just as her same comments were 20 years ago, against candidate Jesse Jackson. Shame on you, shame on you.

What can Bill do best? Bill can go out and attract the crowds she cannot begin to generate, to hear his smooth, slick words rather than her condescending screeching.
Watching a bonafide, founding member of the Clinton slime machine writhe like she is, is a great show.

She can do nothing else, because she is nothing else. She HAS nothing else. There is nothing to her and Bubba except lies, distractions, scandals and distrust.

She cannot rely on other Democrat staples like Al Gore, or Jimmah Cartah, or Senator Ted (hic-burp) Kennedy or Ketchup heir, Senator John Kerry. Now add to that list, New York Governor #9, and you have LESS-THAN-ZEROBAMA. All the Black politicians that she trusted to count upon have bailed on her, to endorse Senator Zerobama.

So have the Hollywood elitists. Her big name backers have become so scarce, she resuscitates Geraldine Ferraro to attack Zerobama for her. Now Ferraro's typical comments on race have eliminated her from any future political value. (Shrillary asks Ferraro to commit hari-cari in order to save Bill and his comments for another day.)

Who Does Shrillary have left in her carpet-bag of tricks to speak up for her? Well, theres Hugo Chavez, theres Raul and Fidel, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and all of al Qeada. No other American politician, since they have the competence to see that Shrillary is political death.

But political death, and the destruction of the Democratic party solely to achieve her personal goal is only just another Clinton political trick to the candidate; as are race-baiting and smear tactics.

All this, plus complete and total incompetence as either an executive or world wide authority.
She IS qualified to answer that worrisome 3 am phone call, from her ad, but only to direct it to President McCain or Zerobama.

Somewhat akin to the legend of KIng Midas, who, when he touched anything, it turned to gold,
Hillary Clinton and co-presidential candidate Bill, when they touch anything, it or they turn to ruin.


Abouna said...

Don't count the Hildabeast out just yet. She and her husband have plenty of dirty tricks that we haven't even begun to know about.

I don't want our lord and Saviour Obama sittin in the Oval Office. I don't want Hillary there either and McCain has already showed that he is a traitor to the American people when he voted with the majority of Senators (both Republican and Democrat) to give Social Security Benefits to illegal immigrants, even though most of them never paid a cent into it, starting this year.

So my friend, what do we do? What do we do?

The Localmalcontent said...

I don't a clue, Abouna. On principle, I will probably sit out, or vote for the Libertarian party candidate, whoever that is.

Oh gosh, what if that's Ron Paul?

*Write in the Get Offa My Lawn Party candidate's name, another distinct possibility.