Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Non Sequitur : Rush To Judgement

When Rush Limbaugh could have supported
a more conservative candidate on his highest-rated radio show,
He Chose Not To.

And now, to a great extent his fault, we have the
liberal, immigrant-loving, Arizona Senator
Juan McCain as the Republican Party nominee.

A woman named 'Missy', from Crestwood, Missouri, a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show today, at the 2:25:40 mark of his three-hour show, nailed Rush to the wall using his own words, for the despair we conservatives are now facing in this years' presidential election. As he did in the year 2000, endorsing Governor Bush, against so-called "Maverick" Senator John McCain, early on in that process.

Her contention was that: Had Rush Limbaugh taken more of a proactive approach earlier on, when more conservatives were in the race, such as (her choice) Senator Fred Thompson, or my choices, Tom Tancredo and then Duncan Hunter, they might still be in the Republican race today; instead of the Liberal Republican Juan Pablo McCain.

Then for the next 2 minutes after her call and before another "obscene profit center (commericial) break, Rush went on to both express his prowess
in convincing his listeners to call the White House on another matter and affect national policy, but also defend his early unwillingness to insert himself in this years' candidates' campaigns.

And 'Missy' is/was precisely right.

Then after that break, more of Rush Limbaugh's recent B.S.,
denying and yet polishing his Republican Halo.

He can't have it both ways... either he is the big mover and shaker he claims to be, or he is not. He cannot take what he likes, what benefits his show, and refuse responsibility when he wants, in this years' campaign.

Rush spent the remainder of that last half hour, distracting his listeners
with Barack Obama soundbytes.
Well, Barack Obama makes for an easy target with his listeners,
and far easier to defend than his own screw-ups.

When Limbaugh makes an obvious screw-up, he defends himself and his show as "entertainment" only. When he is seen as a mover and shaker within either the Republican party or on national policy, he proclaims himself "the Mahaj Rushie",
and "correct 98.6% of the time".

Prior to yesterday, March 4th, Rush Limbaugh urged Republican voters in both
Texas and Ohio to cross over, and to vote for Hillary Clinton in their respective open primaries, in the effort to keep the Democratic nominee process going on and smearing its' candidates, rather than eliminating Hillary Clinton.

To his credit, Hillary Clinton is still today in the race for President.

Many news sources, as well as many conservative pundits today, are saying that is due to Limbaugh's influence, that Conservatives crossed over to vote for Hillary Clinton in both the Ohio and Texas primaries yesterday.
And Rush relishes that adoration and notariety. And he claims the credit for that.

What he could have, and should have taken credit for also, was the ultimate endorsement of a more Conservative Candidate, than what we have now.

Rush Limbaugh, at the 2:35:00 mark, says that his listeners "should have known, what he (Rush) meant and thought, during the larger Republican candidate race..."

(I thought that "Telepathy" was only covered on the overnight "Coast to Coast AM", UFO/ Ghost/Spook radio show.)

Rush, you are a sack of shi77, for this---- and all your listeners know it. You are the one who taught us to recognize the Bullshi77 from the Democrats... Trouble is, we see you passing the same crap!

At the same time Rush's, and to a lesser extent Sean Hannity's, Neal Boortz's, Mike Savage's and Laura Ingraham's radio shows will take no responsibility whatsoever, for NOT-choosing a more conservative candidate than Senator John F'n McCain as the last man standing among 8 other, far more conservative candidates.

Where were Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, when true conservative candidates like Tancredo or Hunter, or (for goodness sake !) Mike Huckabee could have used a good word, a radio show plug during a critical point in the campaign??

Rush Limbaugh played us. He played us for his own self-promoting purposes.

When he could have said a good word for a conservative candidate, he did not,
claiming to be independent, and undecided. BUT in order to keep Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race, and foil an Obama runaway this past week, he did not hesitate to instruct Texans and Ohioans to cross over and vote in their open primaries, for her.....
and that they did, in great numbers, proving his influence.

But now, it is too late to save America, just only himself.

Dont bother to email him, or try calling into his show for the next two days....
Rush is on vacation, again, conveniently.

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