Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Only Question: Now or Later?

The Revolution is coming. Televised coverage will begin August 27th, at 8:00 EDT.
That's 6 pm, Denver Democratic Convention Daylight time. There's still time to stock up on popcorn and extra guns and butter.
(It better not preempt the Yankees/Red Sox game that night.)

The riots and protests of that fateful week will either be Nannystater or Racial or Both, depending upon what the Democratic National Committee decides to do with their mess of superdelegates.

"If the superdelegates intervene and get in the way and say, 'No, we are going to determine what's best,' there will be chaos at the convention," said Obama supporter and Richmond, Va., Mayor Douglas Wilder, who also raised the spectre of the 1968 convention riots. "If you think 1968 was bad, you watch 2008. It will be worse."

On the other hand, if the supers do give the nomination to Senator Obama, there is the very real danger of nanny-staters, bound by the influential power and wrath of the Clintons, rioting. And Bill's way has been a bloody path to whatever he and his wife want. The impeached former president will enstill a fear yet unseen in hearts of superdelegates, when he insists knowing whom each voted for. Hillary is eagerly stoking riot talk in both Michigan and Florida, should their primary delegates not be seated.

Heh heh, nervously. Then, no matter who the Libs choose, there's the small army of the 10% or so, who will be so peeved, that Senator McCain will be getting their votes. Any 18-20% party swing in votes will hand the election to Senator McCain.

If McCain wins the election in November/December, every liberal left-winger in the nation will take to the streets to resume their vent (their continued self-loathing).
In which case, under President Juan Pablo McCain, we conservatives get invited to join in the fun next spring.

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