Thursday, September 27, 2012

Professor Manny Tries to "School Me" on History

(RePrinted from March 26, 2008)

I am confusesd about your blog.

I am a choctaw Indian as well. Do you support the removal of Hispanics?

Let me explain something to you. Mexicans were not Mexicans until Spainiards and our Brothers The Native American Indians bred. Therefore you would be forcing our very heritage out of the states. If this is the case you need to not even Declare Choctaw as your tribe.

Email me as Xxxxxxxx_xx_xxxxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxdotxxx

I think you might need some real instruction to the history of the Mexican. GOD HELP YOU.


Hi Manny. Your comment's first sentence says it all. You could have stopped right there, saved some breath, saved both your time and mine. But you didn't, giving me the opportunity to point out your faulty thinking to you. And the correct spelling of "confused" and "Spaniard".

First, I copied your comment in full, removing only your email address you sent along. NO ONE gets to advertise here, except through me, and by me. Including via email.

Let's begin, shall we?

You are no Choctaw, sir. You're lying. Proven by your redundancy in claiming to be "choctaw Indian".
One is, by definition, the other; maybe you meant you are a Cleveland Indian.
You do not even capitalize the name, yet you do capitalize the generic term "Hispanics".
Your question is deftly phrased however, "... support the removal-- of hispanics". Removal implies the use of force. Though force is sometimes a necessary tool, as I will demonstrate momentarily.

I support the laws of our land, of this state of the Red man. One law, Oklahoma HB 1804, seeks to stop the abuse of our social system by trespassers into the United States. These same trespassers even choose to abuse other hispanics, who instead chose to try to come to the U.S. in the proper, proscribed manner.

Manny, do you own your own home in OKC? Let's assume that you do.
Nice place, fenced yard, a swingset for your kids.
But Manny, I want to come live in your house too! I like your place, and I really like your full refrigerator and pantry.

So I intend to come climb through a window, and live there with you, and I don't care what you think of that. I intend to eat my fill of your groceries, I intend to use your family's electricity and phone. And you have plenty of room, Manny- I'll just take this bedroom, the one which used to be your kid's.

The food and the utilities I'll be consuming means that your family will have to eat less, and your OG&E bill will be larger. But Not To Worry Manny!! I will "pay" for my invasion of your home by planting you a great garden, and raising some great veggies and fruit... Which I will sell to you, your wife and your kid. Cheap, but not Free.

That is a simplification of the illegal immigration problem in the United States.
Migrant farm workers enter my country illegally, ostensibly to work jobs that Americans will not do. But are the strawberries, the lettuce and avocados they pick free?

Manny, would you support the removal (from your home) of a fellow Okie?

Oh, Manny~ you are so sly in your selective recitation of "history". You further state in your comment: "Let me explain something to you. Mexicans were not Mexicans until Spaniards and our Brothers The Native American Indians bred."

Heyyah, Chahta-- you slipped up there, exposing your real identity. You probably meant to say "The North American Indians", dincha? Because an argument can be made that Spaniards did breed with Native People in that part of the continent, but not American Indians, and most certainly not Choctaw Indians. Or Cherokee, or Seminole, or Chickasaw, or Creek Indians. That parade goes on a long ways, too, mi amigo.
~~ And unless the Spanish Conquistadors were women, then my Brothers did not breed with them.~~

You continue: "Therefore you would be forcing our very heritage out of the states. If this is the case you need to not even Declare Choctaw as your tribe."
Don't you come in here, and lay that guilt-trip crap on me.

By that same argument Manny, I therefore must be Spanish!! Or, we are all part Kenyan suddenly, because once upon a time, some Kansas woman gave birth to a child named Barack Hussein.
Give me a break.

Your pathetic argument endorses a complete lack of respect for laws, boundaries, legal descriptions of land parcels, and heaven only knows how much more. Then you go on to display your ignorance of Oklahoma History, American history, even an Indian history.

Over there in the right hand column, I write "Total Choctaw, Total American" as my identity. NOT "Total Indigenous, Total Citizen of the World". Buddy, I do not have the need to "declare Choctaw" as my tribe. I am a Choctaw. By a long and dignified lineage of Choctaw men and women.

I "declare" that I am a conservative. That is by well-reasoned choice.
I "declare" that I am a hillbilly. That is by choice after experiencing both urban and rural living.

And Manny, MAY GOD HELP YOU. Because you are pretty ignorant and disrespectful I think.
In closing this public email to you, Manuel, one last thing: This is my blog. This space is my place to give voice to my viewpoints. This is not a debate forum. My post here is not to be construed as your invitation for retort.

Do not come here urging real instruction to the history of the Mexican.
You are unworthy to even say the word 'Choctaw'. Haklo enni Chahta sinti yi!

Get yer own damn blog if you have such a need to spread your malignant stupidity and your imaginary moral superiority through such lies.


Abouna said...

Well, I guess you laid Manny out flat. But might I add my two cents worth?

Manny, there is a saying that goes:


Anonymous said...

Smooooken!!! Just the perfect combination of passion,FACTS,and turn of phrase! Remind me never to get on your bad side.

"Manny" (assuming that is your real name) you have been roasted,toasted, shaked, and baked. Don't forget to pick up your copy of the "home game" on your way out the door.

Ye ol' Squid still on guard in the hinterlands of northern Illinois,

Guy S.

The Localmalcontent said...

You getting on my bad side? Unlikely, Guy.

But thanks for having my back, Sailor, Sir.

And touche' for Abouna, too; he knows what's up about that Border Fence too.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Amen to all of the above. And may I add one more thing for "Manny":

Manny, if nothing else, I have got to hand it to you for TRYING. As the old saying goes, "If you can't dazzle them with your BRILLIANCE, then baffle them with your B%ll S#$T!"