Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shut Up Already, About Your "Day of Silence" -- UPDATE!

Lovingly tugged away from Munchkin,

On Friday, April 25th, more than 4,000 schools across the nation will be observing the "Day of Silence", an initiative that is being sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) an activist homosexual group. This event is for the purpose of encouraging students to remain quite for the whole day for the purpose of bringing attention to the homosexual lifestyle.

Buddy Smith who is with the AFA says; "The first step would be to go to American Family Association's Website, click on "the day of silence action alert" to see if your child’s school is listed to participate in the day of silence. If they are, then we have a suggested letter that you can send to your child’s school…requesting that they stop this nonsense."

If sending the letter does not work, then Smith suggests keeping your child home from school on April 25th, or whatever day your child’s school plans to observe the "Day of Silence."

Going to the AFA website, I see where about 10 schools here in Oklahoma are "participating": High schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Norman. But I also regret that bunches of high schools in our neighboring states are also involved.

Going to and surveying the other website described above, the Day of Silence is wrapped around the gut-wrenching and sad murder of an eighth grader in Oxnard, California last month. The boy, Lawrence King, was alleged killed by the recipient of his 15-year-old affection, Brandon McInerney. Unhappy Valentine's Day.

Shortly after King was pronounced dead, Mike Eng, a California assemblyman, introduced a diversity bill that would require classes on diversity and tolerance in California schools. This mandatory curriculum would be called "Tolerance Education". The proposed bill, the California Diversity Bill, is another Liberal Knee-Jerk reaction to a crime. This article also states that this bill is: To prevent instances such as the killing of Lawrence King and others....
I thought Murder was already a felony crime, anywhere, anytime
regardless of what the excuse or reason...
And no bill or law ever enacted yet, has totally prohibited any crime.

I am sure that I am incorrect here; naive and backward, but uh, Did Ya Ever Think That Maybe The GLSEN Killed the King Boy?

Maybe, just maybe all the homosexual flaunting and parading around, and maybe you groups like the GLSEN and NAMBLA who promote the younger and younger sexual introspection and pronouncement killed the King lad?

So maybe it is you, GLSEN, who needs to be silent on the issue, instead of urging children- CHILDREN! to contemplate their sexuality at 12 or 13 years old.

Would anybody like to wager on how long it will be until we see the first court challenge in the United States, to allow a horsie or a doggie be someone's date at Spring prom? To refuse to allow such would be a violation of "rights and freedoms" of the equine-loving crowd of school children. T-O-L-E-R-A-N-C-E.

We the majority must tolerate the gays, the lesbians, the transgendered, the nongendered, the pregnant 15 year-olds, and all the others to be seen, heard, understood, and above all,

Well, here's one for ya: I like to smoke cigarettes. Like sexual immorality, I know it's wrong, in my heart of hearts, but dern it, I need to express myself openly, and loudly, and especially during Mrs. Watson's Sophomore English class.

Man, when that woman starts talking gerunds and infinitives, and not ending a sentence with a preposition, my eyes glaze over... and nothing focuses my mind, like a smooth Camel Filter. And, I want everyone to try them, as well. I'll start a smoking club at my high school~!

I also demand my right to point out that "Tolerance Education" would have to include the acceptance of the Ku Klux Klan wannabes (They all smoke Camels!); let's not forget the gun club, too; why, there may be some children out there who only want to wear underwear to school and nothing else... the Exhibitionists and Teasers bunch!

Would you say, that with this Local Malcontent Post, I have gone overboard?

Well, so have these obscene Liberals, in wanting to promote sexuality in young teen-agers.
And it is time to put an end somehow to this crap.

Find out if a school in your town or in your school district is planning a Day of Silence on April 25th, and get loud and abusive about it!! They have to tolerate you, or be seen as the hypocrites they all are.

Update: Thank You, Representative Sally Kern! Listen to This, below:

That is My Oklahoma: Sensible, Factual, Reasonable, Caring


Anonymous said...

What kind of logic could possibly lead you to conclude that GLSEN is responsible for the death of Lawrence King? Gosh! The person responsible for his death is the one who pulled the trigger.

And why would you conclude that, because of what currently appears to be a hate crime, GLSEN needs to leave the issue alone? The way I see it, it should be the other way around.

Furthermore, I don't understand your problem with the diversity education bill. Your response that murder is already illegal doesn't make any sense. Of course it's illegal. The bill is designed to help decrease the intolerance (which is, just to be clear, very much different from disagreement) that hate crimes spring from. It makes sense to deal with the root of the problem instead of just acting like a janitor and cleaning up the mess.

Your "slippery slope" argument is completely off the wall. Whether or not someone might ask for a "horsie or doggie to be someone's date" has absolutely no bearing on homosexuality and its place in society. The only connection is that you view both of them as immoral.

I just don't understand.

The Localmalcontent said...

Dear Anonymous- thank you for reinforcing my argument by your comment. For unwittingly, every point you attempt is one for me.

Do not attempt to control my thought or my judgement, with your flimsy legislation, the aim of which does nothing to prevent the crime here: Murder. How can yet another law make murder "more illegal"?
The attempt is to regulate and to legislate the intent, the thought, the reason behind the vicious and ugly crime already committed.

It makes NO sense, in this case, to "deal with the root of the problem instead of just acting like a janitor and cleaning up the mess".
For regardless whether you like it or not, my view on homosexuality is my CHOICE. I thought you people were all for "PRO choice"?
Oh, only the choices, that you feel are politically correct...

Wow, again, thanks for the compliment with your 'off the wall' selection. And, you're under arrest. You have violated your own "Hate Speech" law, pal.
As a recognized minority in this country, and one which has much diffaculty with drug addiction, 'off the wall' offends me, reminding my of my race's affliction.
What do you think of the slippery slope now? Jerk.

And finally, you admit that the horsie or doggie date has nothing to do with homosexuality:
Neither does being straight, for that matter.
The entire matter deals with sexual preference and orientation, not homosexuality;

You sure don't understand, because everything to you is moral relativism.

Anonymous said...

Of course your view on homosexuality is your choice. Tolerance is about agreeing to disagree. Tolerance education within a school is completely appropriate--schools have the prerogative to ensure that they provide a productive learning environment, which is not present when students are being harassed or shot or education is being otherwise disrupted, meaning they are justified in requiring this tolerance education, like they are justified in some restrictions of students' speech while attending school. Outside of a public school, such education would be out of place.

You make a huge assumption stating that I support "hate speech" laws. I don't. First amendment all the way.

The Localmalcontent said...

I'll say this much for you, Anonymous, you are both persistant, and after some sleep, your arguments are more focused.
Still flawed, but more honed.

You or any person could say few things more absurd than "tolerance education within a school is completely appropriate...."
For whose values shall be chosen to teach our children's minds?
Schools are there to teach objective values only: Math, Language, History, A selection of Sciences, some kind of physical education, and ELECTIVES. ELECTIVES like band or art or speech or debate.
And along that strict line of thought, I could see "Tolerance" as an elective.
Good morals are the sole perogative of parents, not teachers.

Would you like for me to teach your child my values? My beliefs and morals?
I didn't think so. And, uh, likewise.
But that isn't being very tolerant of you, Anonymous--

Look: What you believe should be required tolerance lessons in bulk - in a school, can only fail, because of so many reasons, ranging from the sublime, i.e. the differences in teaching kids 'what to think', as opposed to teaching 'how to think for themselves', to the completely outrageous, i.e. "Johnny Has Two Mommies" and "Understanding Islam".

Rather than allowing someone whom I do not know teach my child their values and beliefs, the responsibility falls upon me and my spouse to raise up a mentally healthy child, who can appreciate his own value someday, when he or she formulates his or her own set of values.

So. If my child grows up to be a homosexual, I love my kid none the less, for those are values self chosen.
Likewise, if my child grows up and accepts Islam, the same goes.

But I will always fight like hell against any, any outside source telling me that my child, or yours, or anyones must learn to think this way or that, or risk getting an "F" in Tolerance class.

Good day.