Thursday, March 6, 2008


We don't get many days like today, climatologically, here in downtown Yanush-- overcast and snowing to beat the band since noon or so; there is already 7+ inches of snow on the ground. And that began around noon- working out to 1.36 inches accumulation per hour... and this event is supposed to last until around noon tomorrow.

The weather men are forecasting nearly 2 feet of snow for us here~!!


On my way home this afternoon, I whacked a bridge guardrail with the fishtailing back of my truck, but there was no discernable damage to it at all. (Man, I love Ford Trucks!)

I am home safe now, having worked in snowy, blizzardy Broken Bow today; and I don't have to work tomorrow, because of this weather!

Time to settle in, with a big pot of spaghetti and meat balls, a little brandy, a roaring fireplace and music for this occasion.

I have always associated Bach's Brandenberg Concerto #3 in G, with gently falling snow. That is what that melody has always reminded me of.
The gentleness with which the violins are played in the #3, the whispy nature of the music too, bring to mind a gentle snowfall, one's ability to watch the falling trajectory of a single flake maybe, and of course, walking in same.

And I'm sorry, if I seem to be overstating this to readers in more northern and more snowy climes. Please understand that in this southern neck of the woods, this doesn't happen as often as it used to. As I drove home today, at 20 miles per hour, I remembered this commercial, and how much the weather here was FINALLY just like that in this video below: I even thought how much better a sleigh would be... before I had to engage my 4-wheel drive.

Anyway, A Merry Christmas to all of you, again!

Blizzard snowfall, white out conditions at 1100 feet elevation, a three day weekend from a good job, and bouncing unscathed off of a bridges' guardrail... does life get any better?


One Southern Belle said...

Hey, all that snow sounds like fun...kind of. We got a bunch of the white stuff this year, though I really can't complain since we're sure to have a lovely spring as a result!

Glad you're home safe and warm!

The Localmalcontent said...

"all that snow" has melted away, two weeks ago already.

since that time, that day, this area's had 7+ inches of rain, flooding and

a Biblical famine of locusts and even some anteater/bedbug infestation.

That, and Fridays are now Wednesdays, according to The Boss-

don't you keep up with the news?