Sunday, March 16, 2008

~Sorry To Disappoint~

Such a nice weekend. Nothing whatsoever to be 'malcontent' about.

I have been away from the ol computer most of this weekend with other, better things to do.
"Ignored" would be a fitting verb as well.

Springtime comes to Oklahoma with next weeks' three solid days of rain. It always is this way.

I spent yesterday morning at the feed store in Talihina buying seeds, fertilizer and tomato plants for the (yes, finally here is the post on my vegatable) garden. I bought seed for okra, green beans, white onion bulbs, banana and green peppers. And tomato plants... a backseat full of tomato plants; too many in fact. I already have cantaloupe seeds, green onion bulbs, garlic bulbs and watermelon seeds of my own to plant... probably next weekend, after a week of rain and sunny warmth.

An idea hit me while in town, to drive over and visit my uncle Bryan unexpectedly, in Mena, Arkansas, and take him some of these plants and seeds. Mena is 57 miles from Talihina, 65 or so miles from my house.

Uncle Bryan is alot of fun to visit (he's kind of a kook, too) in that he is radical Choctaw in his ways lately: he will be talking along in English, then suddenly drop into Choctaw to test me, for example, or going on a long rant about Chief Pyle, the tribe, and how badly he thinks I was treated, getting fired and all.

Bryan is legally blind now, but you wouldn't know it by the way he gets around, or by how well he can see when he wants/needs to.
Pure-D-Indian... I last visited Bryan in August, on his 67th Birthday, when I drove him over to see his step-son... at a downtown intersection, he told me to stop!! he saw that kid on the bicycle that I Did Not See...

Bryan was glad to see me, pleased I'd brought him, then set out for him, one dozen of the tomato plants I'd bought; then was unhappy to see! that I'd cut my hair short, since last we met. Twenty plus years ago, he was one of the family members who complained my hair was too long. His radical NDN side began coming out about the time I began growing my hair long, 12 years ago, and about when his own son, my cousin Skip died.

(There is a family joke embedded and hidden there-- if I gave-out my and his last name) Suffice it to say, when I was born, brotherly bets were on:
I would either be named "Society" or "Sport"....
Bryan went through with the joke, in a way.
Uncle Bryan is consistant in reminding me of this family lore....

Visits to my uncle's apartment always include several identical things: Since he lives in a Assisted Living environment, he takes me around to be introduced to any/all new residents there; I either have to eat at least one meal with him there, or take him out to his favorite restaurant in Mena (Mine, too), the Chinese restaurant with eight buffet tables.

Having eight long serving tables makes it much easier to justify my eating
like a hog, my eight trips back, for more.
That's where he and I ate supper last night.

We returned to his apartment by 5:45 pm, where Bryan set up an impromptu Presidential discussion in their parlor room. An after-dinner political debate about the candidates was just the thing I was Oh! so looking forward to!~,
with elderly Arkansans.
Please, suffice it to say, that finally I gave in, agreeing with them all that Hillary Clinton NEEDS to be our next President~!
That kept the peace in the assisted living parlor.

I turned down uncle Bryan's requests to stay the night with him. I've slept on his unfolding sofa before... No Thank You! He was preparing for bed as I left his apartment, and then driving home with the setting sun in my eyes all the way.

Besides, if I'd have stayed with uncle Bryan, I'd have missed Worship at my own church again if I had.

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