Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New York Now A Spitzer Free Zone

And I thought it was such a no-news day.
(so much so, I fought hard with myself about composing a 'spring garden' post here. Fortunately, I won that battle)

Instead, Little Green Footballs is reporting that Google is calling David Paterson "Governor of New York" already.

I googled "nys" as well, and sure enough there it is: David Paterson, Governor. And clicking that link takes you to the New York Governor's page, where there is no Elliot Spitzer.

Somebody knows something... and isn't telling us.

The vegatable garden got raked and tilled....


Anonymous said...

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but some the important question usa control media never to speaking:

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The Localmalcontent said...

Well, alrighty then.

Thank you for commenting.