Thursday, April 17, 2008

Democratsss' Chickenssss... Are Coming Home...

To Roossssst.

Last night's Democrat candidate debate was way too distasteful to actually watch for me.
But I hear that ABC News' Charlie Gibson won the debate.

The nomination campaign, already the longest in American history, promises to become even longer and torturous through the personal yet true attacks on the two nominees' past and associations with America-haters.

Neither Mr. Obama nor Mrs. Clinton refrained from telling the nation how unelectable the other is. Or VP material. Well that much, the two got right.
A direct question to that issue only brought answers of a future "Democratic solidarity" against John McCain. Yeah, right.

But the mayhem continued: Regarding Rev. Wright, Obama said: "And, you know, the notion that somehow that the American people are going to be distracted once again by comments not made by me, but somebody who is associated with me that I have disowned, I think doesn't give the American people enough credit."

Yeah, wright.

Actions (like refusing to wear an American flag lapel pin) speak louder than words (Hope and Change), dude. And any objective review of your personal history reveals that you joined a Christian church for political expediency, that you have associated with radicals and former terrorists for two decades, and that in truth, it is you, Barry Huss, who is the true bitter American.

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Abouna said...

Very true my friend. I just wish this farce was over with. If it goes on much longer, I am going to get violently sick to my stomach.