Sunday, April 20, 2008

Depends on Your Definition of 'Blessing'

One of the things I thanked my Savior for, in my morning prayers today, was that He does not require morning prayers- that He doesn't get bent out of shape, if a Christian chooses to skip a prayer, or a worship service. The relationship between a Christian servant and his Lord Jesus Christ is one created, based upon love and trust.

Realizing that there are some folks in this world, who believe their 'deity' hates some other folks; non-believers, they are called. Their deity (for refusal of a different word) claims that some in this world are descendants of monkeys and pigs, to be tracked down and slaughtered.

My God on the other hand, so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son.... and most revealing is the next verse from John's Gospel: "For God sent not His Son into the world, to condemn the world; but that through Him, the world might be saved."

CAN you imagine how frustrating it must be, being a Muslim? Always angry, always blaming either Israel or America for your own shortcomings? How futile must that be, bending down five times a day, asking allah to please be nice-- (oh, you can't go around getting allah mad--) Peace Be Upon Him and All That Jazz.
Ya go to the mosque to worship, and it's "kill, kill, kill" again this week.
But allah, for all the great and mandatory prayers to him, sure has had it in for the heavily Islamic countries!
Therefore I ask— Is this allah's idea of blessing? Hearts and minds filled with anger, told that you are nothing more than a slave to your angry deity.

How can a Muslim, or anyone think that a religion based on the words of only one man, who may have been psychotic or epileptic, is an updated or corrected version of Christianity, or Judaism even?
Well, because Mo himself said so.
And that the Devil lives in everyones' noses. Or ears. And it is Ok to marry little girls. And condone relations with camels. And of course, to spread his religion with the sword, rather than with education. Smart people have a way of seeing dark septic tanks for what they are... go with the sword thing, and keep them all ignorant.

I think Islam is a religion based upon such intense jealousy and envy, and well, revenge.

Judaism and Christianity being so widespread and so adored for the assurance of a loving Creator, with such Tradition! (Thank you, Tevye) Enter Jealousy.

Both earlier religions (some Eastern beliefs as well) have not only tradition, but heroes who teach lessons by their words, deeds and/or miracles. Here's Envy.

The mind of the perpetually angry Islamist radical : If it's not Israel's presence, then it is the Great Satan, or the still smouldering civil war between Mo's grandchildren, Sunni against Shiite, or a cartoon, or [fill in the blank]. There's always someone to hate when you are Muslim. Welcome Revenge.


Jungle Mom said...


Abouna said...

You infidel, you call the prophet of Allah, peace be upon him, Mo! I kill you!. You offspring of monkey make joke of Islam, peace be upon it, I KILL YOU!

Yo make funny of Camel, peace be upon it, I KILL YOU!

How you can make fun of peaceful loving religion?

Well, at least we are blessed that we truly have a loving God.

The Localmalcontent said...

Abouna, you REALLY had me scared there for a second...

Thanks you two, JMom as well!