Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Famous Pennsylvania Political Pundit Foresees More, then Less

Political pundits come, and pundits go.
Political polls are often wrong.

And in this 2008 political season, already the longest, most tortuous in American history,
who is there to go to for accuracy and

reliability in political prognostication?

Who is there who knows more about Pennsylvania than Rocky Balboa and Benjamin Franklin?

Punxsutawney Phil, thats who!!

Yes, Phil is working overtime this election year, and in the tight Democratic nomination primary election in Pennsylvania today, Phil has made a calculated prognostication, after seeing Hillary Clinton this morning at sunrise:

The Democratic Nom. race will continue for six more weeks!~

Sadly however, the prized weather and political prophet did not foresee the highway painting crew coming, as he made his attempt to escape from the candidate before she cackled.

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gregor said...

Best laugh I've had all week.