Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Fears Of, the Attacks Upon Free Speech - Brit Blogger Arrested

A hat/tip to my Goth friend in Jersey, the sad old goth for bringing this British bloggers' predicament to light.

A young blog author named Paul Rey, of the blog "Lionheart", has been arrested, accused of "spreading hatred" through the Internet.

Risking being censored on the Internet. Censorship- the unilateral censorship of topics against radical Islam, of typically enraged Muslim fundamentalists.

I wasn't aware that "Muslim" was a race. Were you?

Mr. Rey voices his alarm and his utter dismay at the British government for -in his opinion- is the appeasement of Muslims above other groups. Out of fear of Islamic terrorism, Islamic extremism, in the form of bombings.

The British governors are afraid that reading the Lionheart blog could incite violence toward a few.

I would be arrested in London for what I said in the last paragraph too.
So the Brits bow down to their Islamic overlords who threaten violent jihad, and arrest one little blogger. We have seen the Spaniards alter their government post Madrid train bombings; we witnessed the French retreat after riots and car fires; Canadians cave in to the same BS, "hate speech"; and the Belgians waffle on the short, accurate film "Fitna" everytime, in the face of filthy, criminal thugs!

The European Revolution will be a bloody one, I predict; and only necessary if their once beloved ways of life are viewed worth fighting for.

If Parliaments in London, Ottawa, or a congress in Washington want to see, to read "Hate Speech", pick up a Koran, and read the last chapter, Chapter 9.
This "literature" is what needs to be banned, burned, and buried.

And as the Wise old Goth states, "Lines must be drawn, sides must be chosen, stands need to be taken now... I know where I stand and it is at the side of brave men like Paul. Will you stand with me?"

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Abouna said...

Fear not my friend, we also have hate speech laws on our books too, thanks to the libs. It is just a matter of time before they really start to enforce them.

By the way, did you know that Bridget Bardot, the actress, was arrested in France and charged with demeaning Muslims and spreading hate in her speech? This was on FOX NEWS yesterday.