Saturday, April 12, 2008

Greet the "Meet The Browns"

Went to Ft. Smith, for dinner and to the movies last evening, Miss Leti and I, and had the best time. I picked the restaurant, Taliano's, where we dined on delicious Italian dishes, and Leti picked the movie.

She wanted to see "Tyler Perrys' Meet the Browns'.

What little I knew of Tyler Perry, I fully expected to watch him dressed in drag as Medea, the amazon-sized character of so many of his dumb movies prior, all the way through.
I was never so pleased to be so wrong!

Meet the Browns has a more-or-less predictable story line, but done with great style, warmth and much humor. Using the vehicles of wacky family members, chance good luck, small-town coziness and good, clean, solid morals, I was really impressed.

And I really laughed. The various family members who meet and (mostly) welcome Brenda, played by Angela Bassett, are straight from central casting, with a Tyler Perry twist: mostly half-brother Leroy Brown, who is actor David Mann, and new love, Harry, the local basketball coach, played by former L.A. Laker, Rick Fox.

Look-- this movie is a laugh riot, because of the unexpected. And finally, Medea makes only a cameo appearance late in the show, but by this point, Leti and I were howling with laughter. When Medea (Tyler Perry) did appear, there was a burst of applause in our theater, and we shouted as well, because like everything else before, she was unexpected.
The whole movie was well balanced with warm virtues and simple life, and uproarious gags.

Yeah, including Medea's cameo, in a car chase scene~!

If you go to the theaters to see movies, this one is a best-kept secret. Or be sure to rent the video sometime.

Here is the movie website:
Meet The Browns, where there is a terrific movie clip.

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