Friday, April 11, 2008

In Defense of Actress Margaret Hamilton

Though I am just as guilty of the same in the past, I must protest the growing Internet associations between the two most famous wicked witches of the West: The one in Oz, and the one from Chicago Rock, New D.C.York.

The comparasions between junior wife of former President Clinton, the N.Y. Senator Hillary,
and this beloved actress Margaret must cease!
Cease I say!

  • For one thing, one woman was a major player in a timeless, beloved drama/dream ('The Wizard of Oz'). The other is just a cackling bit player in a timeless, beloved dream/drama (The United States of America).

  • One was beloved yet dreaded for her portrayal, the other is only dreaded for her potential portrayal.

  • One of these women got her most famous role by her talent and ability. The other, a result of being a wife.

  • One tells the truth, the other... However, in fairness, both want to "get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too.!"

  • One commanded a loyal army and air force, the other dispises them, using our finest as Marine butlers and waiters.

  • One only wanted the power of a pair of Ruby Slippers, the other wants only the power of a Ruling Socialist.

I am warning all of you to stop it! (see my tongue poking out of my cheek!?)

Hillary is not Margaret!

When NBC-TV annually broadcast this inspiring movie, 35 years ago, I watched it as a little boy then, and when the famous Wicked Witch would appear on the screen, I would hide behind the divan.

The current Wicked Witch of the West causes me to want to hide behind the divan, too.
And to say, "Be gone, before a house lands on top of you, too!"


Jungle Mom said...

Sticking up for the under dog?

Abouna said...

I agree with you. All I can add is Amen.

The Localmalcontent said...

I'm real fond of Margaret Hamilton, of the movie too, for that matter.
I find many similarities to actual life in it.

Plus, the older Hamilton kinda
looks like my mom.