Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ohh, So Now It's Time For Action

Got an email from the John McCain campaign today, entitled "It's Time for Action".

Time for Action?!! Only now??
Listen, Senator, the time for action from you is way overdue. If your definition of Action (now) is to travel around to small towns in Alabama, speaking to ladies at quilting bees, then Americans had better purchase a Dollar-Amero exchange calculator and start Spanish lessons, if you become President. That is the action I will take, since you have no intention of obeying your Presidential oath to "protect and defend' the United States of America.

I still cannot vote for McCain, for his ignorant and dangerous stands on national security and the border fence.
I can only vote 'Republican' this November IF he picks up a real conservative as his running mate, or he suddenly and really gets in touch with Americans.

To "work for all people and ... listen to all people" is far far from what the job description requires.
Why don't YOU, Senator McCain, begin some action?

For starters, become a differing voice, become a conservative voice whom we can rally around, defining the difference between what Republicans once were, and what that party has devolved into these days.
All you are sir, is Hillary- or Barack- Lite. And what does your emailed comment, "By understanding the challenges ... that Americans face today, I will be a far better president." Is this race for President all about you, sir?
Question: What do you take away from this email?

My Friends,

This week I embarked on a trip to areas of the United States seldom-visited and all too often forgotten by our nation's leaders. I am doing this because I want to learn from the people who live in these areas. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit Alabama. During my trip I spent time in the towns of Selma, Gee's Bend, Camden and Thomasville.

It was an honor to visit Selma, a place that held great significance in the Civil Rights movement. I was also fortunate to visit the Gee's Bend quilters, who gave me such a warm welcome - I thank them for their hospitality. I hope you will take the time today to watch a video (where McCain meets the quilters- UGH) straight from the campaign trail.

My friends, I am traveling to these places because if I am to be President of the United States of America, I'm going to be the president of all the people. I will work for all people and I will listen to all people. By understanding the challenges - and they are enormous - that these Americans face today, I will be a far better president.

There must be no forgotten places in America. I have always believed in this country, in a good America, a great America. And I have always believed we can build a better America for all people. This week, I'm traveling to places where great Americans are still fighting for change to make us a better country. I am going to meet and learn from these patriots.
I am running for president as a different type of candidate and I ask that you join my campaign today (send me $$ to help sell you down the river).

Lord Help Us.


Jungle Mom said...

I am curious as to whom he may pick for the VP as well. But the other two are NOT an option for me at all.

Abouna said...

My Friend, more and more everyday the feeling inside me, of foreboding grows larger and larger by the day.

Like you, I cannot and will not vote for McCain any more then I would vote for Hillary or Obama. But no matter what, I can't help but believe that America is doomed. We are witnessing the beginning of the end.

crazy4danes said...

This is one election that I am not looking forward to, and I too am concerned for the future of America.