Thursday, April 17, 2008

Overcoming the Heartbreak of Freezer Burn

(Written last night, Thursday 17 April)

I am conducting a science experiment at this moment. In the kitchen.
My hypothesis is "Can a year-old sirloin, suffering from freezer burn, be salvaged, then eaten safely?"

Recording my every move/action for posterity, for posturing, for posting. Presently, this once ugly, stinky thing is frying, and making my mouth water. Possibly, it's the onions grilling on top.

Who knows? Updates, as they come in.

UPDATE 1: 22 hours after eating said sad sirloin for dinner last night, I appear to be alive today, feeling no gastric trouble at all. And it was delicious! Ate the whole thing, with onions and green beans.

The trick was, NOT thawing the steak completely (freezer-burned or really old meat should never be thawed at room temp. anyway).
Instead when the surface had thawed to about a 1/16 inch depth on both sides, I put it into a hot, lightly oiled skillet, and seared both sides first. That keeps whatever original juices (I believe it's called blood) inside. Yes, like browning a roast.

I turned the steak over a total of four times, for even cooking. And I added a generous sprinkling of table salt and celery flakes on both surfaces.
I prefer steaks Medium Rare ordinarily, last night's entree' was Well Done. No problemo.

Finally, I trimmed off all the outside fat, and maybe a little of the meat. (Amos, likewise alive today- he got those trimmings)

CONCLUSION: It is possible to safely eat a cut of steak, frozen for over a year in a punctured package. Even if it smelled "funny".

Which is good news. Next up: 1½ year old frozen venison, wrapped in butcher paper.


Jungle Mom said...

Call me old fashioned, but you need to get a wife to cook for you!!!!
I loved the foto by the way!

Brother John said...

Would it help for me to pray?

Abouna said...

You got my mouth to watering, so I think I will scrounge around my freezer to see if I have anything over a year old that I can cook up.

My answer to vegans: "Red meat doesn't kill you, green meat with fuzz kills you."

CGHill said...

The steakhouses talk up "aged" beef, but this is probably not how they do it.

crazy4danes said...

Nice! I'm glad to hear you are alive and well fed! LOL :D My hubby was a butcher and he always assured me that the frozen meat in the freezer was NEVER bad! I however, was skeptical...let us know how the Venison goes...we've got a ton of that out in the deep freeze too! :D

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