Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Ponderism

Have you ever gotten some essentially nutty idea or thought in your head, and just keep thinking about it?
Something has been bothering me for about 10 days. The nutty thought came back to roost in my head last night, at a buddy's house, as we watched the basketball championship:

Can little people, dwarves, or midgets skydive? (See what I mean? Nuts.)

And if they can, and do skydive, is the parachute that they would use, far smaller than average?
Or, if it's regular sized, wouldn't the little people get blown away with the wind?

I have asked several friends this question, and no one has an answer that satisfies my mind.
On the Internet, several sites that I've checked, say nothing about height requirements, in that direction.

(and one, a Kentucky skydiving school, will not allow anyone over
6-ft-1-inch to jump. What's up with that?)

I do not mean any offense to little people with this. Anyone with a clue out there?


crazy4danes said...

LOL....great post! Sounds like the random conversations that come up with my friends. :) Hope you find some answers to that one, I would be interested to know too...

The Localmalcontent said...

What do the conversations between you and your friends conclude, on this??

I'll visit you often, and remember ya'lls sweetness, & Bryan, always.

Abouna said...

little people, dwarves, or midgets!

Parachutes and skydiving! Oh my gosh, now my head is spinning and smoke is coming out of ears. I think I'm about to bust a gasket.

Me thinks they would use a standard chute, the same as a "normal" person.

The Localmalcontent said...

I should have added "Munchkins" too. But now, Abouna, you can know how I think.
It's a Ponderism, I tell ya!

pajama momma said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I came here to look at your 6 word memoir, but this just cracked me the heck up.

And I can't help you with the answer to that. :)