Saturday, April 5, 2008

shotgun blogging

I cannot get my mind to focus today at all. I've been to and read some good articles at, the American Thinker, which I'd recommend- Dustbury, too-

but neither didn't help my narrowing the beam, the stream of thoughts.

What I'm wearing at this very moment:
A waste of good electrons and photons, that's my worth today.

The pow-wow was great fun last night; but it was real cold! Saw some old friends I hadn't seen since the casino days there, ate some fine BBQ brisket and frybreads, and it didn't hurt one bit having the prettiest girl on my arm. This was Leti's first powwow, so lots of introductions were part of the night, as was me saying "You just need to take a step back, OK? she's with me."

The guys separated from the ladyfolk around 10 or so, I guess, and we sat and trashed Greg Pyle, Chief Prettyboy, wondering how he even got elected once-- LOL. I was able to say my piece on topics which were taboo for me in years passed. Many guffaws, and many back-slapping indications of approval were had, enjoyed by all.

I remember bits and pieces of talk covering ten thousand subjects, and like in 'Star Trek', we solved all the galaxy's problems in just under an hour.

Yeah, and there was the dancing. My best friend Marty brought drums and we began with prayers, chants to The Almighty, then as it always does, we just began to move, then move in rhythm, then dance.

did I show out for Leticia? Figure it out. Wouldn't you? Was she impressed? That's none of your business.

That unfoucused sttuff is happening again. The NCAA tournament has all No. 1 seeds, and tonight we learn who the final two teams will be.
But the Big Dance already happened last night in Tuskahoma.


Americaneocon said...

Baseball's here!!

Go Angels!!

The Localmalcontent said...

"Go Angels"- sound advice anywhere, including MLB.
But I see they lost today to Texas, 10-4.
Come by anytime, Mr. Douglas;