Thursday, April 10, 2008

Soaking The Poor

Iconoclastic Senator Hillary Clinton already knows that she's lost the Democratic presidential nomination, thanks to her being the discoverer of 5th grade math: The numbers don't add up at all, cannot be hoped to ever add up, and unless she convinces the DNC to use a Base 4 numbering system for her vote totals, she can't win.

So why doesn't she concede now? I will tell you what I think, after this word from Dick Morris:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign currently owes vendors $8 million, exclusive of the $5 million she owes herself. She cannot use general election money to pay for this debt. If she begins to be anything less than certain that she will stay in up to the convention, she won’t raise any money and will be stuck with the debt. She also realizes that it is only by projecting an almost manic air of certainty that she has any chance at all of hanging onto super delegates. The first whiff they get of [her] withdrawal, they will all run screaming to Obama to get on the late train. Don’t think that Hillary is delusional. She knows she’s lost but she has no choice but to play the rest of the game. To fold now would leave her in an untenable situation.

I would agree with this assessment but add one thing:
By staying in the Demo. race, she can continue to raise funds from the truly delusional to pay her campaign debts, and yet she will incur more bills through July, in so doing.
Collateral damage. Can't be helped. Ta sola. Que sera sera.

Hillary cannot stand being second to any -any- man. She will stay on the campaign trail, pointing out the genuine flaws in Senator Obama's words, record, life,, in that flailing struggle to pay her bills.
And toward this personal, not political goal, she will willingly give Republicans the ammunition needed to sink Mr. Obama's audacious ship in November. I did not say "uppity", Bill did.

She cannot tolerate a man to win over her: Nixon, or her boss in the Watergate investigation, or Billy Jeff, or Rudy Giuliani, or Rick Lazio, or Vince Foster, not Bill Richardson, not John McCain, and not General David Petraeus.

In the all-overriding effort to glorify herself, she will use any trick; abuse good, honest Democrat voters, and will tear down the Democratic Party this summer, caring not one whit that she herself exposes the ugly, unmentionable rifts in her party: The Socialism, the racism, the sexism, all the immoralities and the wealth/class envy.

It is always 'someone else's fault', but never, ever hers.


Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

i lost the link, but some blogger proposed that (due to shrillary's fondness for machiavelli's ideals) she might actually throw in the towel for 2008, then sabotage obama behind-the-scenes. that way she could play martyr and be a shoo-in for the 2012 primaries.

just a thought. who knows what evil lurks in the dnc...

The Localmalcontent said...

Not the sympathy bit again... puleze~
Did you catch Elton John teaching America lessons on sexism today?