Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Future Pleasures Await!

What a rare treat, discovering that there are episodes of one of your all-time favorite TV shows, that you have never seen, can enjoy for the first time someday!

Reruns, naturally, in the case of "I Love Lucy".

Last night, I was searching YouTube for a clip of a certain scene between Lucy and Ricky, in their New York apartment, when this unknown gem was found! Filmed when the Ricardos and Mertzs visit Hollywood, by the looks of the set; it features Harpo Marx playing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", on his harp!

Simply. Breathtaking.

The video is only 2 minutes in length, during which, there is ample time to whisper a prayer of thanks for such simple joys and blessings, for laughter and baseball bestowed upon us children of a loving and just Heavenly Father God.
What future pleasures await, anticipating to see an entire, heretofore, unknown "Lucy" episode.

Which leads me to the BONUS round.
This rendition of "TMOTTB" by Harpo must sound like what is played in Heaven; again I say, "What future pleasures await!" The reverent way in which the notes are strummed on his harp are another clear clue that Baseball is God's favorite game, another of His great gifts to us.

In Heaven, the timeless game must be played since it is
so beloved here below-
And lo! even the Cubs can be expected to win occasionally.
But the 'Heaven Series', I submit is always played between the Angels and Padres.
Please to enjoy again, or for the first time:


Jungle Mom said...

I love Lucy! No, really I do. I own the DVD of the series.

The Localmalcontent said...

Oh, my- that must bring hours of fun, laughs.

crazy4danes said...

Wow what a great clip! :D Beautiful!!!

The Localmalcontent said...

Have you seen this episode, Danes?
It's exciting, knowing that Lucy and friends have unseen, wacky adventures awaiting!, 50+ yrs on.