Saturday, May 10, 2008

As Busy As A One Armed Beer Drinker At Moe's Tavern

On the one hand, I need to apologize for not writing anything original in a week's time, and for not visiting other bloggers as much as I would like.

On the other hand, life has taken a sudden swerve to the right for me personally (never left!).

On the middle hand, it's lucky that I stowed away some philosophical stuff, some cartoons and what not, for just such a rainy day, blog-wise. I either use my big feet or my teeth as a middle hand, BTW.... Haha.

I do apologize for my negligence- for this last week I needed to work in a Doctor's appointment in Tulsa amidst work, mow two lawns and brushhog a 4-acre field; on top of that, the annual swarming of termites is happening, driving me nuts; and Leticia and I have planned a nice Mother's Day for her mom this weekend, beginning tonight and again tomorrow, Mother's Day.

( if you read my personal blog, you already know what else I'm planning for July! It's found at the bottom of my profile page ' --------'. )

In anticipation of that, I have quit smoking, via cold turkey... and perhaps another reason for my absence HERE, lately. I've been out throwing plenty rocks in Sardis, to make up for that habit.
(Thursday morning, I found a half-smoked cigarette on the bathroom floor, behind the commode... Yeah, I did.)

Leti and I have planned a BBQ for her siblings and her mother here tonight, followed by me attending her and their church tomorrow morning in Wister, OK, followed by a big H.-- family celebration tomorrow afternoon.
I can barely keep my enthusiasm and excitement contained!!

Earlier this week, I found substantial documentation of Islamic fundamentalist' support within the Barry Huss Obama presidential campaign. I emailed Ms. Michelle Malkin with the supporting evidence and links.

However she emailed me back, telling me that most of it was circumstantial at best.
And she also said, "Thank you for your comments on my website."

Indeed, what I've uncovered, mostly by corroborating evidence, is circumstantial. However, not unlike Senator Obama's association with the rev. J. Wright, in fact more compelling, I think.

I would not mind if some other political blogger brought this to the surface first- in light of my busy schedule.
Simply Google "Joseph Circincione", or go to This American Thinker article, for a start!

In my opinion, it gets much worse.

And about that middle hand business- What regular readers of this LMC bloggie I have, I love you guys.

And I never want to loose any of you. So I have literally run in to the computer, thrown up something I'd saved, hoping to keep you coming by, while I'm busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. Or a one armed Duff Beer drinker at Moe's Tavern.

-- It could have been far worse, ya know- like some Baseball standings, or something the Chicago White Sox did this week.... Yeech!

And now, here it is, 4 pm, and I need to go get a BBQ dinner all set up outside.
I hope the rain goes around us here, and that my hippie neighbors smoke their pot elsewhere or much later on, for a change.


Jungle Mom said...

Just catching yup as I have time between my conferences.
As a mom, glad you are not smoking!!!!

Jungle Mom said...

Not sure what a 'yup' is or why I was catching one!!!

The Localmalcontent said...

First half of phrase, "... Ndown", reckon?