Monday, May 26, 2008

Explain Again, How THIS is Not Terrorism?

That title question is directed to el Presidente Jorge Bush, and the gringos.
"Yer doin' a great job there, Skeletor!" (Chertoff)

from Mexico's northern border town of Juarez, infamous for its history of drug-related violence, has gone into lockdown after an e-mail began circulating warning of an unparalleled "bloodbath" in the coming days.

Shops, bars and restaurants have shut and soldiers are patrolling the streets, giving a surreal and dangerous tone to this city of 1.4 million people which sits just across the US border from the Texan town of El Paso.
Authorities are taking seriously the anonymous e-mail, which menaced "the bloodiest and most violent weekend in the history of Juarez."

The place is already reeling from a surge in murders that has claimed around 400 lives so far this year, several of them police officers and members of rival narcotics gangs.
In Juarez, nerves frayed by the rising body count -- including at least 20 people killed over the past weekend, among them two policemen gunned down as they finished their shift--the Mexican army has already been reinforcing security in the city since March, though its presence has done little to deter the crime wave. Each weekend has seen an average of around 25 murders.

That's in Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas. In the area around peaceful Tijuana, south of placid San Diego, California, there's this, from tomorrow's UK Guardian:
According to official figures released on Friday, 1,367 people have died in drug-related violence around the country so far this year, a 47% increase on the same period last year, which was itself a record. About 10% of the victims have been police and soldiers.

The daily diet of shootouts involving ever-higher calibre weapons, dumped bodies, severed heads, assassinations of police chiefs and defiant messages from the traffickers has done little to deter President Felipe Calderón.

"This is a war and it requires us to assume the consequences of it as such," Alejandro Legana, an officer in the Tijuana police, said last week. "There is no question that the government is going to surrender." (emphasis mine)

Drug murders in the thousands per year. Kidnappings in the hundreds per year. Drugs have taken over Mexico, in the absence of any leadership. And speaking of no national leadership....

Hey Bush! Hey Barack! Hey McCain! Is this the America that each of you is promising us American citizens? And all you pathetic compassionate, slave-labor and immigration supporters, maybe it'll be your child kidnapped next: from Denver or from Sacramento, or from Edmond, Oklahoma or Phoenix. I certainly hope not, but if so, remember this day, when your liberal attitudes ran smack into drug thugs from Juarez, hopped up on crystal methamphetamine and needing more money. And not by picking some idiot lettuce or strawberries.

And all for a few thousand Hispanic votes!
Votes in an election to see who can ruin America first.

The real answer is a hefty dose of immediate Tough Love. When Mexico City sees the American flow of billions of assistance dollars dry up, then they will police their rotten country! I've seen it work. Every time it's tried. When the heat is really on, things get done, and that's what Mexico needs. Stop answering that 3 a.m. phonecall in the White House and in Crawford.


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theotherryan said...

We seem to have a deficit and not giving cash to other nations would be a great start at moving toward a balanced budget. Also this seems like a great reason to secure the border. Letting people in to work in agriculture is fine and well but lets let in the people we need when we want to.