Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'Maverick' shoots himself in the foot- Again

You all must read this. Because in addition to all John McCain's other, immense negatives, his own Campaign website offers up this negative assessment. I'm betting that no one at McCain headquarters bothered to read it, before posting the article there.
Lifted from Indian Country Today, a national newspaper/website covering issues important to Indians and Tribes both, this article gives two reasons NOT to vote for the presumptive Republican nominee:

WASHINGTON -- By virtue of long service to Arizona tribes as a senator, and to Indian country at large as chairman twice over of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, presumptive Republican nominee John McCain may have the best chance any GOP presidential candidate has ever had to break the Democratic lock on American Indian votes.
[...] a pair of issues arose as reminders that any Republican presidential candidate is going to have baggage in Indian country.

First: the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. McCain has always been against oil drilling and exploration in ANWR. Even his fellow Republican, Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, a stalwart proponent of tapping the refuge, gives McCain credit for that. As Crystal Benton in (McCain's) campaign communications office explained, McCain rejects more than the environmental impact of ANWR drilling. He rejects the very economic sense of extracting ANWR oil.

Everyone will hear the GOP drums thumping for ANWR oil then, but who will listen? The concern in some quarters is that a Republican in the White House just might. Benton breaks stride slightly, reluctant to say 'never', across the span of 100 years. But when the time frame is the potential eight-year term of a President McCain, she has no hesitation. "Never in his presidency" will he support drilling for oil in ANWR.

The next bit of baggage to emerge recently is more nebulous. During the racketeering years on Capitol Hill [...] and criminal lobbying by impresario Jack Abramoff, certain Republicans made a fine art of sailing close to the borderlines of the law on legislative land exchanges -- "swaps" as they're often called, usually involving a trade of lucrative or otherwise valuable federal real estate for out-of-the-way, privately owned acreage.

A recent Washington Post report on a land transfer known as the Yavapai (Apache) Ranch deal, introduced as a bill by McCain, stated that McCain lobbyists and donors had gained from the exchange. McCain's camp denies any undue lobbyist influence and insists the candidate never discussed the exchange with the new (and newly enriched) developer of Yavapai Ranch.

Will the nightmare never end? McCain won't budge on genuine border security (in fact, Obama's plan for immigration reform sounds better!). And McCain won't budge on helping poor Indians out with oil exploration or tribal land sovereignty.


Don Smith said...

Think about it. When is the last time you heard of a massive oil spill or accident other than the infamous Exxon Valdez?

Let 'em drill in Alaska or off the coast of California, Florida where ever, they have proven to me (an certified and avowed Tree Hugger) that they have the know how and technology to pull it off.

What I hate about them (oil companies) is how they sign deals to pay everyone (taxpayers, landowners, lease holders) their fair share, and then after discovering the oil, renege on the deal, and pay nothing for it.

They have been doing it for years in the Gulf Of Mexico, just got caught in Oklahoma this month and were assed Millions for not paying royalties (Shell Oil).

Let them drill, but someone put a watchdog on the site and make sure they are not running away with all the profits and not contributing to the overall economy as a whole.

Now ... If you VOTE for me ....


Abouna said...

Right after election day, I will hold a funeral service for America, may she rest in peace.

The Localmalcontent said...

Don leaves me a message to change his word above, from "assed", to "assessed".
For what it's worth, Shell Oil acted like "assed". Change that "d" to an "s", OK?

Abouna, much weeping will occur at that funeral, while just outside the church, an orgy. May she rest in peace.
That is, unless there's a general revolt by then... I'm not going to hold my breath though.