Thursday, May 29, 2008

"The Mythical National Championship?"

I only wish this post was about college football~!

Americans don't have a choice this fall: One candidate who claims to be named after the first man to reach Mt. Everest's peak, three years before that accomplishment, who is a life-long Chicago Cubs or New York Yankees fan;

Another candidate who claims his conception and birth in 1961 were a direct result of the Selma, Alabama civil rights march, in 1965, whose uncle was a troop in the Auschwich-liberating Russian Red army, and has visited 57 of the 60 United States;

And of course the one who claims to be the heir apparent to, and mirror-image of, Ronald Reagan, and most recently, a softspoken, Senate bridge builder.

Thanks to the proliferation of the 24-hour nonstop Cable news channels, the Internet and don't forget our addictive love of television's real yet completely fictional American icons like Archie Bunker, Murphy Brown and Homer Simpson, we citizens are faced with electing a president who is nothing more than mythical hype.

-- We'll be right back to our expose`, after this word from our sponsors, "Free" Credit Report dot com (enrollment required), and Walt DisneyWorld's Fantasy land.
Get a Clue, America: It is all make believe, from start to finish. In dazzling Technicolor.
But in the event any of us begin to become cognizant of that dangerous fact, there's always distractions like this:
UFO Crashes Near Vietnam.


Abouna said...

Yes, and back in the days of the Roman Empire, they kept the masses busy with bloody spectacles in the arena.

The more things change the more they remain the same.

The Localmalcontent said...

It is all done with smoke and mirrors; deception rulz.