Thursday, May 15, 2008

Once Upon A Time... There Were Conservatives

Jim Croce wanted "Time in a Bottle", and Pink Floyd made a mint with "Time", on the album "Dark Side of the Moon"; and there must be another dozen pop tunes with "Time" in the titles, including "Hammer Time".

Crunch time. Overtime. Double-time. Good times. Bad times, too.

That's the apparent destination where we conservatives are coming to... Bad times.

The website today is giving the Republican party six ways to save itself before an expected November 4th annihilation at election time:
1) GET A CLUE- reacquaint your elected members with clearly defined conservative values.
2) CUT THE CRAP- please stop having sexual liaisons with just anybody but your spouse.
3) BEG FOR HELP- beg for donations matching Liberals' deep-pocketed donors like Soros.
4) BURN THE BUSH- disassociate from the unpopular President.
5) CHANGE THE PITCH- AND YOUR FACE- new faces and new family centric plans.
6) FAN THE FEAR- raise fears about national security and abortion.

I submit to everyone that it is too late (out of TIME) for any of these six, except the second one.

Michelle Malkin's website is having a 'Slogan Contest' for the GOP.
My submission was: "SPINE-FREE since 2003! We're Today's GOP"

My favorite one thus far is: "Dang…even Hillary looks good, now" (Desperate Times)

Some of the submissions are vulgar, but nonetheless true and applicable to this current bunch of RINOs, many of whom will be unemployed THIS TIME next year.

Next year, with Democratic, filibuster-proof majorities in Congress and a President Obama, it will be Cryin' Time in America.


Abouna said...

"ITS CRYING TIME AGAIN", That was and is one of my all TIME favorites.

Jungle Mom said...

abouna stole mine!!!

Anonymous said...

As usual, a good read, thank you for that. Ol' Michael Jordan sure makes it look effortless, doesn't he? Stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I believe the Ice Man's head has finally melted.

All I have to do is click on the Anon button and that puts it thru right?


Anonymous said...

What happens if I put in my name and then hit anon?

The Localmalcontent said...

I would stop clicking "Anonymous", Don; in fact, the way you did it this last time, gives a working link to your blog, when your name is clicked.

BUT- I think you should click the Black 'W' there, beside the OpenID, for Wordpress- you get a small window to type in your blog address, and it will come up as 'Creative Endeavors'... or should, maybe. I think. Possibly.