Friday, May 30, 2008

Outraged, Patriots?

Just 3 weeks of headlines from OutRaged Patriots.Com, since May 11.

World News: Drug Cartels to Mexican Police: 'Join Us or Die'

Mexicans Conquer U.S. 'Meth' Trade

Warner Todd Huston: ABC News: Mexican Drug Violence is U.S. Constitution's Fault

Oklahoma Recalls Bill That Would Have Facilitated NAFTA Superhighway

Okla. State Rep. Randy Terrill: Opposing View: Oklahoma is Doing It's Job

TX: Driver Claims He Didn't Know Illegal Aliens Were Inside His Truck

TX: Slain Houston PD Officer's Widow Sues Cop Killer's Employer for Hiring the Illegal Alien

AZ: Phoenix Police to Ask All Suspects About Immigration Status

AZ: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has HAD ENOUGH of Being Ripped Off by Illegal-Alien-Coddling Governor Janet Napolitano

Missouri Lawmakers Approve Anti-Illegal Immigration Bill

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt Threatens Special Session on Immigration, Taxes

LA: Illegal Immigrant Bills OK'd by House

LA: Lake Charles Man to Stand Trial for Housing Illegal Immigrants

IA: Claims of ID Fraud Lead to Largest Workplace Raid in State History; Feds Allege Rampant ID Fraud, 3/4 of Workers Had Fraudulent Social Security Numbers

Iowa's Biggest Immigration Raid Ever Is Much Worse Than You Think

IA: Illegal Alien Meat Worker Describes His Escape from ICE Agents at Postville Plant Raid

TN: Illegal Alien Wanted for Raping 91-Year-Old Woman in Monroe County

AR: Help 'Secure Arkansas' Spread the Petition for a Vote of the People to Stop Illegal Immigration. Arkansas Politicians are Too Crooked to Do This Job on Their Own

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