Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ted Kennedy Alive Today, Thanks to Private Health Care, Capitalism

UPDATE: Today, Tuesday May 20, it was announced that Senator Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor, in the left parietal lobe.

This is one of those times to put politics aside, and pray for his successful recovery and overall well being. When he returns to the Senate, the fireworks can resume. Not right now, though.
On the lighter side, the Red Sox honored longtime fan Kennedy by pitching another no-hitter Monday night, against the Royals. Amazing.

Lovingly lifted from Boston.Com:

Hyannis fire officials were called to the storied Kennedy compound at about 8:19 a.m. The senator, who was stricken by what officials first believed were stroke-like symptoms, was rushed to Cape Cod Hospital. From there, he was taken to the Barnstable Municipal Airport, where he was placed on a MedFlight helicopter and flown to a landing pad at Mass General, according to local fire department Lieutenant Bill Rex.
The Cape Cod Times published a photograph of Kennedy, strapped to a gurney, being carried onto the chopper by paramedics.

This marks the second time in seven months that the 76-year-old senator has been treated at Mass General. In October, doctors performed surgery to clean out a partially blocked neck artery that they said put him at risk of a stroke. The chief of vascular surgery at the hospital described it at the time as "routine, uneventful, and successful," and days afterward, Kennedy friends were privately laughing over how quickly the senator demanded his release. He spent most of his convalescence in Hyannisport.
Late Saturday, FOXNews said that a hospital spokesman reported that the Senator was conscious, in good spirits, enjoying seafood which was specially flown in for the Kennedy family, and watching the Red Sox game.

How different this story from Hyannis Port, Mass. could have been, if it had happened after Democrat's next Big-government Give-away, "universal health care". Equal and Lousy health coverage for ALL:::

Hyannis Poat, MA. July 4, 2010 (AP) An elderly and obese man who had disregarded Federal and State Health Guidelines, appeared to have suffered symptoms of a stroke, it was reported.

Officials with city fire and health inspections were called to assist with the suffering man, Edward O'Kennedy, 76, at 8:19 a.m. His public health records indicate that the man had been hospitalized within the past year, with similar complaints, and it has been rumored that the same man had elective surgery to allow greater blood flow to his brain and face, last October. Elective surgery is illegal for pensioners over age 67 in Massachusetts.

O'Kennedy required services which he was otherwise not entitled to, under Blanket Health Guidelines of Massachusetts, state attorneys say, and state criminal charges are pending against O'Kennedy, or his estate.
Precious resources, enough for a family of 12, were reallocated to save O'Kennedy, a retired, longshoreman and union leader. The Cape Cod Save-the-Whales Foundation offered the usage of one of their heavy flatbed trucks for medics to lift the overweight man.
Late Saturday, CNN reports that Mr. O'Kennedy is awake, eating the typical hospital food, and in great pain.


Brother John said...

Excellent "What If" scenario. And quite funny to boot! Good job!

Brother John
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

Anonymous said...

I like it. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Third time is a charm?

Nice LM, reads well.

I always get tripped up on this thing.

The Localmalcontent said...

I did a whole blog on 'socialist' healthcare, back in September, 07.

It's pretty rough, for Indian Health Care.

What certain politicians want for us all is something Indians already know plenty about, and DISPISE.

Don Smith said...

okay LM lets try this.

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That sends me right to your excellent blogsite!

Congratulations, on whatever you did. LOL!

crazy4danes said...

Great read! I liked it!

Jungle Mom said...

Great post!
Social medicine...the tales I could tell!!!!
My blood stream is host to a zoo of parasites, bacteria, and virus after having lived under socialism and it's medical care for 20 years!

Abouna said...

First, that Red Earth Festival looks like something I would enjoy, and believe me, if I had the time and the money, I would attend. But I would never fly out. With all of new restrictions and hassles, my flying days are long over.

Second, even if the Democrats got their way with socialized medicine, you can bet your life that those in office would never give up what they have.