Saturday, May 10, 2008

We are OK, pt 2

I am finally back home, from going around Pushmataha county looking for tornado damage and injury.
On my way to Clayton, Ok. for assignment with the Push Co. Civil Defense, I saw some tornado damage to the only marina on Sardis lake; the Texaco sign was blown over onto the ground in pieces. I didn't see any damaged boats as I passed, but did see some damage to the slips canopy- It looked like the SE corner of the marina had suffered wind damage also. The lake patrol was out there in force, and on the lake itself.
I stopped and checked on my friend Crazy Wanda on the way to Clayton- she was real shook up but alright, only a large tree was uprooted across the road near her driveway. I didn'tn have time to stop and talk with her, except to see that she was alright.
In Clayton, there was some wind damage, several windows had been blown out, damage to the carwash, and roof shingles everywhere- Limbs down, and I saw one propane del. truck turned over onto its side in town. No fires however-
Four of us were told to go check the northern part of Push county east and west, where there was no electricity due to limbs and trees down. We drove to each home south of Sardis lake, west first, then to Tuskahoma then to Kiamichi.
No injuries reported. Windows blown out, some minor roof damage to homes but nothing severe; one flatbed truck blown onto its side in a pasture, some heavy tree damage, fallen trees and all.
Damage was worse to the east of Clayton, east of Sardis than anywhere else we went. the men I was with had to chainsaw three trees across Hwy. 271 to pass through. No injuries found that away either. Lots of trees uprooted.
Coming back to Clayton, we heard of two women who were treated for head injuries at the Antlers hospital, south of here. The extent of the damage seems to have been window glass knocked out, and trees and electric lines downed.
Reports of farm damage at two ranches east of here, in Albion and Muse, Ok.
In McAlester, a twister was sighted on the ground north of and in the city, with homes destroyed there, and there is some home and church damage in small towns of Dow and Krebs, east of McAlester. The Hartshorne, Ok Sonic Drive in has its canopy blown off, I learned. Some people have died north of here, along the Oklahoma/Kansas/Missouri borders, around Picher, Ok.
Here, we saw the wall cloud lowering fromthe Northwest around 6:40, and the funnel wrapped in rain and small hail behind it. We took all the BBQ inside from the deck. About then, the trees in my backyard were leaning over sideways with the wind. Our chairs were blown off the deck and my garage got a broken window frm the limbs. Apparently the tornado was immediately south of me, over lake Sardis. Neighbors Dave and Rachel didn't have any damage to their trailer that they noticed, other than lawn furniture blown away and many limbs downed everywhere. The electric and phone were not cut off here. I just got off the phone with Leticia, and they all made it home safely.
Yet at 10:35, the wind is still howling under a starry sky.


Choosy Mothers Choose Jeff said...

Hello my friend!
I'm glad to hear you survived...or somewhat anyway.
I've missed the reading of your blog.
I will be around much more often for future readings I'm sure!
Take care fellow Okieian.

The Localmalcontent said...

Well hello, Jeff!

Glad you are back- ya know, I thought of contacting the Stillwater P.D. last week, to see if anyone finally ponied up your kidnap ransom or not...

Welcome back!

Abouna said...

With all the tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, etc., I would have to say that God is sending us some real wake up calls.

Hey there my friend, glad you didn't get blown to the land of Oz. You might like the postings I will be putting up for the next six Tuesdays, starting with this Tuesday. A series of videos of Alan Keys talking about illegal immigration.

Take care and stay safe.

The Localmalcontent said...

Thank you, Father- it was a bit hairy around here, Saturday nite. Not like the poor people up in Picher, bless them.
Or the folks in Burma or China.

You bet, I'll be reading it- Tuesdays.