Monday, May 5, 2008

What the Santa Cruz Socialists Promote

In the seventh issue of some TP-rag called the "Modesto Anarcho, the valley's insurrectionary journal of class struggle", the author(s) begins with this statement:

We want a stateless and classless society. We want to live in a self-governing world without any forms of top down organization, where all people have access and control over decision making and their lives. A world in which, all resources that people need to sustain themselves are cared for in common and in harmony with the Earth. Where people work for human needs and desires - not profits or bosses. we want freedom - in which groups and communities brought together by mutual aid, solidarity, and cooperation can live lives as they see fit - liberated from domination, repression, coercion, and control. We want to build genuine human relationships in which people can discover their self-worth, realize their potential, and liberate their desires, free from wage-slavery and State violence.

We are against all governments and capitalism. We are against all governments because they are based upon controlling people through complete and total violence by means of the police, prisons, borders, military and school systems. Through this system of domination, governments of the world ensure that working class and oppressed people stay in the roles designed for them: Subservient workers and passive citizens. We are against capitalism, because it is based upon class society; a world where a few own everything that we need in order to survive and the rest of us are forced to work for them. This is a system of wage slavery- in which we trade our lives for wages and then buy back what we need to survive with those wages. Capitalism deforms and contorts all human relationships by turning everything into a commodity, including the Earth, living things, and our very lives. Capitalism cannot exist without the State - it needs the State's violence to protect the privileged positions of those who benefit from it.

Your Local Malcontent gave a reply to this gibberish, at, the San Francisco Area Independent Media Center. A few simple paragraphs, wherein I make a comparison between the typical miserable, scruffy-looking socialist, who takes great pride in dumpster diving for bread and garbage ( REALLY! ), and most successful Americans of either major political stripe; a comparison between the majority of us who give thanks to our Creator for His blessings, both small and large, and those who await empirical evidence of His existence, who wake up each day looking for something to complain about. (I wish that I'd saved those comments - they were vintage, just GOLDEN!!)

So if I am not mistaken, the socialist paradise being wished for by the Modesto Anarcho would be one where only he and his fellow dumpster divers have the right to dictate to the rest of us what we may think or may say.
But wait a minute-- Isn't that control?!? Isn't that what Anarcho fights against, in the first place?

Back to the Modesto Anarcho for a final and ironic few words: "LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This pulbication is for educational purposes only. It is intended to document and inform - not promote or incite violence or illegal actions." That is on page 3...

Then on page 5, in reporting on the proposed closing of a homeless shelter in Turlock, Ca., the author offers this wise advice: "... people won't have to worry about going without shelter for a night while hundreds of vacant houses rot throughout the city. No one should suffer while housing is available - break into a vacant house today and start squatting!"

OH-- and the one comment which was approved for inclusion in the 'news release' above?
It read simply:
"I wanna fight, and know what I'm fightin' for. In a class war Class war Class war Class war Class war Class war Class war Class war Class war!"


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This is what happens when you look at any situation through filters of extremist viewpoint.

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Hey, feel free to print more of Modesto Anarcho onto your blog.

We also see a reference to issue #6 on here, keep on reading!

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I'm with Jungle Mom...Double Sigh here! Yikes!

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