Monday, June 2, 2008

Basic Instinct

Mr. Tancredo's distrust of Mr. McCain on questions such as amnesty for illegal immigrants - which each man interprets differently - is so deep that he is not sure he will vote for the presumptive Republican nominee in November.
"Maybe I'll write me in - who knows?" he said. "When I'm in the voting booth, I'm going to just be tussling with this in my own heart."

Good enough for me. In a presidential election where 'racism' will be the word most thrown about, if you do not vote for Obama, or raise the demands for a border fence from McCain, I think that I will go with my original instinct, and write in Tom Tancredo's name.


Jungle Mom said...

Should I ask for his vote????

Abouna said...

That is one luxury we don't have where I am, we cannot right in a name. You have to pull the lever on one of the names on the machine or just not pull any lever.

New York stater's get snookered every time.

The Localmalcontent said...

JMom, Yes. Yes You Should!!
Job security for us all.
the Attorney General, LMC

Abouna, either a greaseroots demand for electorial rule-change must be made in certain, always Liberal states like yours,
or you are going to have to move out west here.
We have less snowwww-o...