Sunday, June 1, 2008

The First Woman President?

I suspect that most of us like humor, enjoy laughing.
Likewise, most of us appreciate Art, when it is done well.

One key element of humor, which makes
a joke really funny in my opinion,
is the unexpected twist, the clever
play on words which is the punchline.

Toward this end, there is a website dedicated to Photo Shop Art, called
"". A picture being said to be worth 1000 words, after all.
I have used entries to the various Worth1000
art contests here at the LMC before, adding another 1000 words to my already long posts.

A recent contest there was called "Political Drag".
And that is where the humor comes in;
for some of these very talented artists
have submitted screaming, hilarious images
of politicians 'in drag',
dressed in clothing and accessories
of the opposite gender.

The link to that particular contest page is here:
Political Drag

Visit to view over 200 Presidents, Prime Ministers and featuring Don Rumsfeld,
looking marvelous darling,
and be treated to some very funny works by these
talented, unexpectedly twisted (in a good way) artists.

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