Thursday, June 19, 2008

For the Deeply Disturbed

Looking around the Internet for another story late last night, I found a news source from Never-Never Land.

Everyone has heard of "Second Life", the virtual world at the center of cyberspace, populated entirely by animated avatars who live, work and play there in their electronic space. People actually pay a fee to be a part of that world, as they escape this one.
Virtual life. How lonely must some people be, to prefer that ??

Now there is a Reuters news page listing only news from Second Life. It seems that the election in that place is a hot topic (Eve is leading Charlotte for President). Very few jihadis, that is a plus. Wonder if they have illegal immigrant problems there? Only exotic beauties need apply for this or that job. But everyone, every avatar is an exotic beauty in that world. Even the homeless avatars are handsome dudes.

Last fall,
I blogged on the newest version of the popular Sim Cities video game, called SimSocieties.
'Second Life' is a couple steps further along that slippery slope toward wholesale, mass insanity.

Catch up on their "news", here:
Reuters News from A Nonexistent world


Jungle Mom said...

My real life is too exciting for a virtual one too!

The Localmalcontent said...

Your life Rita, could be an epic,
4-part miniseries, it's that interesting~!