Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Geek Squad to the Rescue

Hi, remember me?

Thanks to each of you who emailed me to ask if 'everything's OK'. I am doing just fine; it was my computer that was sick. I bought a 1-GB memory card early last week from Best Buy, and mistakenly thought I could install it myself.

When the first alignment of memory cards didn't work, I reversed them and rebooted. Over an hour later, when Windows didn't start up, I just knew I'd totally ruined my machine. I have a history of doing that....

Directions?! Who needs any stinkin' directions?! (imagine me rifling through the garbage bag, through coffee grounds, egg shells and all, to find said directions Sunday)

I resisted the urge to perform major surgery on this E-machine contraption, deciding instead to take it to Fort Smith on Monday for a fixup. The little fellow was ready last night, but I couldn't bring it home until this afternoon.

Diagnosis? I failed to follow the instructions provided, and "format" the memory card, while in either slot, or to defragment the whole memory. The Geek Squad even showed me how to free up 1/2 Gig of memory from the original RAM memory, so I really fly over the internet now. My next computer project is to convert to Firefox 3 browser.... that oughta be fun.
Relatively painless at $65.00.

NOW-- to put things aright:
Here are two photographs of me, which were snapped by Leticia, Sunday afternoon, May 25. We picnicked on the edge of the world, the Talimena Drive. The scenery is breathtaking up there at 1600 ft. above the valley below.

Leti took these two of me, and some of us both, some of only scenery.
I never take a good photograph. Those are just the facts. And these two are some of the best I am in-

The camera is just not my friend. I will crop the first one down, and put it into the margin, maybe... but honestly, what Leti sees in this pic is beyond me; so... logic dictates that Leti is not my friend, either. Hahaha

Thanks again for the concern shown by everyone this week. Other than being offline for what- 4 days, everything is good! I look forward to reading all your bloggies, catching up on lots of good reading now.


Christopher Willis said...

You're Forty; cameras are never nice to us at this age, its a fact of mid-life. Leticia has a good eye, the second picture would make an excellent 8x10.

The Localmalcontent said...

I am on the low side of 39, Christopher, and I will thank you to remember that.

On the other hand, it was your hint which led me to having a really zooming computer... Thanks!

Jungle Mom said...

It is good to 'see' you!!!1

Abouna said...

Welcome back, and I think those pictures are great. Don't be so hard on yourself. You could look like me, then you would really have something to complain about. LOL.

zeelah said...

hi there..nice pics of yours.. :)