Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello, from middle earth, 3rd planet from the sun... as if!
From the auspices of SiteMeter, I hail thee, ye unknown, silent readers!

I'm intigued by the many hits from your individual locations, yet welcome you always here.

Why not leave your comments herein? Or have you already, unbeknownst to us, to me?!?

Let us take the last location first, that of Jupiter, Florida: I have a good feeling, however unsubstantiated, that your first name is "Rush".

I say, nay ask, since some things which I write about one day, is overheard over the EIB network airwaves the next. Am I mistaken in my assumptions? Or only hopeful, that my several emails to you have been read by someone, sir?
For lately, you seem to utter the words, "Local Malcontent", often. Oftenly.
Either way thanks, Sir; I'm up to almost 11,000 hits. We Are All LMCs lately....

But most intriguingly to me, the person(s) I wonder the most about, live and visit me, from Texarkana, Texas.
I've been to Texarkana; a weird place, where the left side of the road is all Arkansas, the right side, totally Texas.
Thank goodness, both states were of the Confederacy then, and now; or there would be WAR along that corridor!
I would love it if you chimed in, saying 'hello' in the comments, 'Texarkana".
Just sayin'....

As for the many hits from Omaha, Nebraska to The Local Malcontent, I presume they spring from my many brethren associated with AIROS Radio, from that location and of course, Lincoln, Neb.

AIROS of course stands for "American Indian Radio On Satellite".
To whom I say:
"Heyyah, emi hai Che et Tah!" And "Ag Hehewa Keh`sah ". (sp.)
*(thats 'Hail, my red brothers' and 'Come back Here' often)

Yeh kawha` shan-tiah en`haseh Chahta Ia`-hem? (P.M.C.T.)

Without consulting "my uncle John", that's the best Choctaw I can do, but 'welcome always' and 'hahaha'.

Sometime, Eha really wants to write a whole blogpost tah, kayh Chata... when I am able. . . . .

Till then, won't you please Chime In and say somthing?


Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, I could have been said to have lived in Marylavania. I could straddle my legs and one would be in the lovely state of Maryland, and the other firmly in Pennsylvania. Yes, I lived along the Mason/Dixon line.

It was quite a lovely stretch of rural America.

The Localmalcontent said...

You seem to have led an interesting life, throughout your life, Bro. John- what little I know of you becomes more fascinating every day.

Aren't you about 6'5" tall or thereabouts? As a lanky teenager, you could've straddled three or four states then...!~

Brother John said...

Just as I've always had some height on me (6'4"), I've also always carried some extra weight. So "Lanky" probably never would have accurately described me. For many years, (when I actually worked out that is), I was known as the "Mountain Man" or sometimes it was just "Big John". Big though I may have been, my heart has always been a gentle one.