Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Do Not Recognize This Country Anymore

What America? She died on a crisp sunny day in September, 2001. We all live in a rotting corpse of a once-great nation, where our laws are turned around and used against us. Our laws were good- but the judges are not.

I don't know what to say about the Supreme Court's ruling today, giving terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay access to civil courts, and the rights to challenge their detention. Do we now kill them all? Do we hope for a revolution?

What is Right and Wrong? Says who?! I challange that. I'll see you in court!
Which laws do we obey? Can we challenge a law, basing said challenge on some personal right infringed now?

May I please now justify going out and killing Liberals, since I hate their doctrines and low morals?


I will become a terrorist to Democrats! I can cut the throats of liberals with impunity, since I resent their way of life, just as my Islamo-fascist teachers/brothers resent our way of life, and kill with impunity.

This is the most saddest day in American history, in my opinion. Worse than September 11th.
Today was the day we surrendered, thanks to the interpretation of our wonderful Constitution.
I think that after I pray for a miracle, or for forgiveness, I will go steal a bottle of Crown Royal, maybe rob the liquor store in the process, and give a toast to the once great American republic.

Law?? What Law?
The safest place from terrorism in the Un-tied States today? The court house.

UNDERSTANDABLY, today I hope we are all Local Malcontents.


Jungle Mom said...

I've been in bed sick all day, I think I'll go back and cry!

Okiedoke said...

You do know that 7 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Republican presidents, right?

Abouna said...

That is why America is done for. The public schools have dumbed everybody down, those that didn't get dumb have been coerced by political correctness into shutting up, and the assholes called judges on the Supreme Court screwed up the rest.

It is revolution or we just go with the flow in to eternal damnation.

Anonymous said...

Your analysis is right on the money... sigh.

Dave said...

Control yourselves Republicans! The best is yet to come when President Obama gets to elect liberal Supreme Court judges! Then you can threaten to leave the country like a lot of liberal's did when Bush won re-election. Oh the pain! And the talk of murdering Liberals-that was pretty perverted and sick!