Saturday, June 14, 2008

If Memory Serves Me

Unsure whether this is serious or just a glitch, but my computer is selectively forgetting or self-deleting certain feeds from favorite websites and blogs.

According to my iGoogle homepage, it is Thursday (not Saturday), and none of your blog feeds, a weather bug, or calendar thereto have updated since that day.

But my 'favorites' lists has vanished entirely, preventing me from clicking through from there. That's why I seem to have been absent from friends' blogs for a few days-- I'm having trouble remembering directions... so either I Google search for everything just now, or click through from your comments left here.

I believe the problem is in the 1GB memory card I installed earlier this week; improperly? bassackwards? I don't think so, but who knows. Does anyone know if I should have exchanged positions of the two mem. cards?

Calling Geek Squad, over.


Jungle Mom said...


zeelah said...

hi..its sad to know to what happened to your computer.. sorry i cannot help becoz i don't know much about computers.. Wish you all the best in fixing it.. :)

Abouna said...

Hope you get your memory back soon. Nothing worse then suffering from CRS, (Can't Remember S#%t).

Hope all is going well.

Jungle Mom said...

I'm no geek squad but do trust you are well!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Looks like my comment never made it to you. Well, I had tried to give you some support and suggestions, but in the end, all is well that ends well. Glad to have you back!