Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Interesting Change Coming

Watch your change for the return of older, valuable U.S. coins. Today I got $0.93 back for a purchase and find now that it includes a 1945-S wheat penny AND 1960-D quarter. The quarter has some big bird on the reverse side... unsure which state that would represent. LOL

Chalk it up to rising prices for everything from food to Charmin tissue to fuel, thanks to the record fuel costs.

People must be digging into the coin collections, piggy banks and sofa cushions to make ends meet. About 7 years ago, I saw a man in Dallas buy a pack of cigarettes with old Silver dollars. Texans...

Don't look now, but trading and bartering is fashionable again, and will be interesting to see what my garden okra or tomatoes will fetch next month: A Chevy or a Dodge?


Abouna said...

Things are getting bad all over. In my neighborhood, gas is now $4.14 a gallon for regular.

I did my grocery shopping for the month today, skipping putting gas in my car, but next month I will put gas in my car and skip eating. I'll just buy enough food for Munchkin. I'm afraid things will only get worse and it will don't make any difference who gets in. But the nightmare will be even worse if Obama picks Hillary to be his Vice President.

Don Smith said...

That is an interesting take on things LM, wish I had thought of it first.

This is the good thing about the net, you can cruise around and find all nature of things.

Our life savings, by the way, consist of an old Folgers Coffee Can on top of the refrigerator.


CGHill said...

I just marvel at the elasticity of my car: two years ago it couldn't hold $50 worth of gas, and now it will accommodate $70 worth easily.

(Worse, it takes premium.)