Wednesday, June 25, 2008

That Was Then. Period. Pero, No Mas Vivian

This is the young lady who absolutely stole my heart in Norman, OK., some 19 years ago, with her intimate, pointed, metaphysical questions of me. It went well beyond the question stage.
Today, she, Vivian R. is the curator of the Venezuelan Museum of Art in Caracas.
Breathtaking? Well, that depends. As an OU student with liberal leanings, SHE WAS to DIE FOR to me. then and still in my Perfect memory. We've not spoken in 16 yrs.
She is why I visited Venezuela for two weeks after graduation, in 1992.
This was/is my Vivian, tormentor of soul, fantasy of flesh. Vivian who could've used a dose of solid conservatism back then. My bad, I reckon.
Ta sola..


Jungle Mom said...

WHAT! A Venezuelan connection?????

The Localmalcontent said...

Honestly, I thought you knew that. Yeah, spent two great weeks in Venezuela, Maricaibo and that extraordinary lake; Caracas and Santa Rita, Rita, uh JMom.

Jungle Mom said...

No, I missed that. So I guess you ate arepas?

I am interested in tracing my Dad's Cherokee family. I don't know much about it and only have bits and pieces of info from family members. Everything I try seems to cost money and that stops me. :(